NameEmailConference IDRoleBrowserIssueSteps to ReproduceScreenshotReported On
David MeyerDavidMeyer@BISability.comK620A8ZIBKDDSLK2AdminFirefox 37.0Audio QualityMultiple call in to 1-408-740-6030 PIN: 544683 I could hear the room but they could not hear me. Others calling in could hear the room but they could not be heard. Everyone with problems did not have problems calling via 510-281-1111.None0000-00-00 00:00:00
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comBP8ODOU5CS1S5X7XAssistantChrome 41.0.2272.89Microphone control / responsivenessThe Volume Control Slider has not been working properly for months. When I select someone and either boost or decrease their volume, the new setting does not "stick" and returns to default whenever I move to highlight someone else. As I return to the person I just adjusted, even within seconds, I consistently find the volume slider is back to neutral. Frustrating. Has a significant impact on call quality.None2015-05-12 10:11:58
Cristina Mooncristina@powerlabs.ioD94Y0LIX4NW9D3E1AssistantChrome 42.0.2311.135OtherA presenter logged into the web interface and was unable to see the staff chat.None2015-05-12 12:45:03
testtestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comY9533CTLL8HX79DOAdminChrome 42.0.2311.135Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2015-05-13 05:09:05
Aubrey (Maestro)aubrey@maestroconference.com9DGKSBY3JLZVMJY1AssistantChrome 42.0.2311.135OtherNo issue. just testing. noticed the button. this is cool.None2015-05-13 10:55:32
katarinakatarina@happybones.caW1K96KFY0IBJSQRKAssistantSafari 8.0.4Audio QualityEcho on the line. We are selectively muting participants, presenter, assistant and hope to resolve.None2015-05-14 06:34:48
Queenie Espinoqespino@familyrecoveryresources.com97H7R5189JVJWLY0AssistantChrome 42.0.2311.135PIN issuesHi! A participant encountered an issue during our 7 Steps to BALM (LOP) call tonight, May 14th. When she dialled Phone: +1 (408) 520-2444 PIN: 564056 This was the message she received: “This number is no longer in service…” Could you please give us idea why this happened and what do we need to do to avoid this to happen again. Our participants got discouraged to call back in or redial once they encounter issues. It would be great if they can easily dial in. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Sincerely, QueenieNone2015-05-14 18:01:20
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comWX08CQ1AB5MHYE7PresenterChrome 42.0.2311.152Display & Sort issuesWhen softing any column, subsequently clicking on the last entry will not highlight, if I highlight any other entry (except the last one) and then next click on the last entry it will highlight. This is duplicatable, just need to resort and then clicking on last enrty can not hightlightNone2015-05-17 10:56:50
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.coWX08CQ1AB5MHYE7PresenterInternet Explorer 11.0Display & Sort issuesOnly on the IE browser, clicking on myacount in order to login, produces a lot of blank space many blank lines between the top and the bottom with the login in for userid and password. In chrome, it lokks fine where the login in is right below the header.Screenshot2015-05-17 11:17:24
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comWX08CQ1AB5MHYE7PresenterInternet Explorer 11.0OtherOn the new Report An Issue feature, there is only one screen shot file that can be attached. I just reported an issue that need multiple screen shots to be reported. Can the Report a feature be upgraded to allow multiple screen shot files sent? FYO, attached if the 2nd screen shot that was to be reported to my prior issue about logging in from IE with the blank lines. Thanks.Screenshot2015-05-17 11:23:51
Alfred DePewadepew@earthlink.netFX99O8JGWOVBKNAPresenterFirefox 37.0Audio QualityThere seems to be an echo coming from my line. I dropped off and then called in again, and it was still there, so I am on mute. Luckily it is a call where they are presenting their projects ... so we can work with it today.None2015-05-19 09:41:27
Linda Zimmermail@lindazimmer.comG9V3S15QS113GOYAssistantSafari 8.0.6PIN issuesI have a Vonage phone (212-794 2118) and your system is now for the past 3 weeks saying that it does not recognize my pin #... however I can get through on my cell phone... please advise.... I want to use my phone not my cell to call inNone2015-05-19 12:42:00
John HowePurposeCoach@HoweToTransform.comG9V3S15QS113GOYAssistantChrome 42.0.2311.152OtherPROBLEM: Calls from a Vonage VOIP line are rejected now by Maestro. Call in (in the US) from a Vonage line, which has worked well up until recently. Now, for the last couple of weeks, after inputting the valid PIN during proper conference hours, Maestro goes silent for 20-30 seconds, then does not recognize the PIN. After 2-3 attempts, Maestro disconnects. Another Assistant and I both get the same problem. Each of us is able to connect with our cell phones using our same correct PINs. PLEASE CORRECT THIS PROBLEM. (Using MCDialer is not an acceptable work-around, nor is having to use cell phones, whose coverage is unreliable.)None2015-05-19 13:26:55
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.com8WI0JJ1K3IGQWZMEAdminChrome 42.0.2311.152OtherI am conducting a call that begins at 9:00 AM PDT. There is no music even though the music button is green. How do I get the music to play?None2015-05-20 08:50:03
SylvieSylvie.curran@evolvingwisdom.comZVH4FD8KO6NC33KEAdminChrome 42.0.2311.152OtherWe have a recurring conference, where the last few weeks, when the call begins, participants are coming into the call on Public Mic. I know how to adjust this as it occurs -- but what setting needs to be changed so that this is no longer the case for future calls? None2015-05-20 10:10:00
Kim Carpenterkim@consciousmarketing.comMQFS01CO6DSTW56TAdminChrome 43.0.2357.65Audio Qualitygetting a lot of static and weird noisesNone2015-05-20 14:39:23
Elle McSharryellement@me.comPE3D8W22JNSJDHQ1AssistantChrome 42.0.2311.152Disconnection & ResponsivenessHi, I wanted to report an issue we had on our call today. Our presenter, calling in from Germany using MC dialer, was dropped from the call and unable to get back in. I did contact maestro support and they gave me an alternate number to use. Meanwhile, our presenter called in using a landline and was re-connected successfully after some minutes. Then, about 15 minutes after we started, I too was kicked out of the conference and unable to get back in. We just wanted to check with you to see if you had anything on your end that could explain the issues today? Thanks for any help. ElleNone2015-05-21 13:18:20
sharon sharuska@comcast.netEW0EL93KEGRJ4LNHAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.65Otherunable to call in - all circuits are busy and I only have 5 people on my call am unable to moderate ! None2015-05-22 04:39:51
Peg Stookeypeg@legacyconnection.com2552YVM0EEEFV857AdminChrome 42.0.2311.135OtherMyself and others having trouble getting into call. Getting a business signal.None2015-05-22 04:42:09
Ed Brittoned.britton@gmail.comD64HLNFKKYN6309AdminChrome 43.0.2357.65Audio QualityMusic fades in and out.None2015-05-23 09:55:41
Dan GauthierDan@SpiralPathEnterprises.com6HYK1I86XXNECKC5AssistantSafari 8.0.4Audio Qualitylisten to this call or recordingNone2015-05-23 10:05:07
erin fryerineileenfry@gmail.comAJ7EOFREXUWPY5DKPresenterSafari 8.0.5Otherthe music is not stopping even though I turned it offNone2015-05-23 10:08:47
masonmason@facultydiversity.orgSYJHAOAUBYF7ASBUAssistantChrome 42.0.2311.152PIN issuesI am having a few people that can dial in and I have given then another pin and dial in number and they still can get in. None2015-05-24 17:13:23
saraaad@gmail.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAAdminChrome 43.0.2357.65Display & Sort issuesdasdScreenshot2015-05-25 00:41:51
New CONFERENCE FOR REGISTRATION RESPONSIVE PAs@gmail.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAAdminChrome 43.0.2357.65Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelBug 847: [CI bug list] Incomplete image URL of bug image~~Done Bug 844: [Bug reporter] "Reported ON" field is not appearing on CI bug list bug 843: [Idea board] Could not create idea board on QAVM bug 730: [Profile pop-up] Empty fields are appearing, When there is no data in profile bug 384 ([Youtube view] Youtube video are not being played for those who login during youtube view) (sara)None2015-05-25 00:43:38
Testtest@maestroconference.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAAdminChrome 42.0.2311.152Microphone control / responsivenessasfasdfaScreenshot2015-05-25 01:27:15
newg@gmail.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.65I wish I had a feature ...Bug 847: [CI bug list] Incomplete image URL of bug image~~Done Bug 844: [Bug reporter] "Reported ON" field is not appearing on CI bug list bug 843: [Idea board] Could not create idea board on QAVM bug 730: [Profile pop-up] Empty fields are appearing, When there is no data in profile bug 384 ([Youtube view] Youtube video are not being played for those who login during youtube view) (sara)noooScreenshot2015-05-25 02:55:36
New CONFERENCE FOR REGISTRATION RESPONSIVE PAs@gmail.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.65I wish I had a feature ...Bug 847: [CI bug list] Incomplete image URL of bug image~~Done Bug 844: [Bug reporter] "Reported ON" field is not appearing on CI bug list bug 843: [Idea board] Could not create idea board on QAVM bug 730: [Profile pop-up] Empty fields are appearing, When there is no data in profile bug 384 ([Youtube view] Youtube video are not being played for those who login during youtube view) (sara)None2015-05-25 02:58:23
news@gmail.comBT23CWVNHU175EPAPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.65Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelhhhScreenshot2015-05-25 03:01:42
Audrey Seymouraudrey@clearchangegroup.com2SU4ZDRO5Y09HZMFPresenterFirefox 38.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was simply leading a meeting, and Maestro dropped me from the call. This happens every so often. I was able to dial in again after two tries.None2015-05-25 17:48:16
Audrey Seymourarticles@clearchangegroup.com2SU4ZDRO5Y09HZMFPresenterFirefox 38.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessI just got kicked off again, within 5 minutes of the first time! It never happened twice in one call before.None2015-05-25 17:53:15
Audrey Seymouraudrey@clearchangegroup.com2SU4ZDRO5Y09HZMFPresenterFirefox 38.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessWow, that was unprecedented - I was literally kicked off 3 times during a 90-minute meeting!None2015-05-25 18:40:15
hells@gmail.com1N1HS02W59YG5MODPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.65Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExceltyrNone2015-05-26 03:34:33
Amanda Mederamanda@amandalinettemeder.com41HLMNJXI0FTYF6UAdminChrome 43.0.2357.81PIN issuesI am having issues with participants calling in tonight - it is saying their pins are not working - What do I do? None2015-05-26 17:26:32
Elle McSharryellement@me.comU7EPTPJCF3P5JOAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.81Disconnection & Responsivenesshi, My presenter is calling from the UK and having trouble staying connected. He was using skype credit I gave him the UK number to try on his phone. What other options can we try?None2015-06-01 12:10:44
Iwankamutualaide@gmail.com8R7R4H6ZOXA0RR8WAssistantFirefox 38.0Display & Sort issuesFlashing Control ScreenScreenshot2015-06-02 19:09:10
saras@gmail.com50LU4CVSPUSBZ90FAdminChrome 43.0.2357.81Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to Excel1.Customer Bug Tracker for CS / Admin on Drupal (Customer / Caller reported bug listing). Download CSV (sara) 5.Call ID in SW bug table is null (sara) 6.Call ID in CI bug table is null (sara) 7.Bug ID: CI [5/25/2015 12:33:44 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: [5/25/2015 12:33:54 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: SW [5/25/2015 12:33:55 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: 04:00:48
longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggglon@gmail.com50LU4CVSPUSBZ90FAdminChrome 43.0.2357.81Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelLong imageNone2015-06-03 04:17:08
yiyi@gmail.com50LU4CVSPUSBZ90FPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.81Breakouts, Cues, Tonesr Bug Tracker for CS / Admin on Drupal (Customer / Caller reported bug listing). Download CSV (sara) 5.Call ID in SW bug table is null (sara) 6.Call ID in CI bug table is null (sara) 7.Bug ID: CI [5/25/2015 12:33:44 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: [5/25/2015 12:33:54 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: SW [5/25/2015 12:33:55 PM] Zeeshan Ashraf: 04:52:13
newyi@gmail.com50LU4CVSPUSBZ90FPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.81Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelfssScreenshot2015-06-03 04:56:38
patricia Keelpatriciakeel@gmail.comAFOLYD4HWPJVFILAdminSafari 7.1.2Othercall will not endNone2015-06-03 17:53:03
Lindsey Kinglindsey@theshiftnetwork.comG9V3S15QS113GOYAdminFirefox 38.0Breakouts, Cues, Tonesthe chime bell is going off automatically, repeatedly. It has rung at least 10 times now. very distracting! The chimes can be heard in private breakout groups as well as regular breakout groupsNone2015-06-05 13:53:24
Lindsey Kinglindsey@theshiftnetwork.comG9V3S15QS113GOYAdminFirefox 38.0Breakouts, Cues, Tonesjust sent an issue report on chimes going off randomly. I learned that the "entry tones setting" had been not at "default" but at "staff". mystery solved, case closed.None2015-06-05 14:37:21
Kim Elpersmward@pts.orgB98AXF1DWUF1IG2XPresenterFirefox 38.0Audio QualityNone2015-06-06 16:35:53
Dan GauthierDan@SpiralPathEnterprises.comU4UKDYLAGZ5070VAdminFirefox 38.0Audio QualityListen to conference in progress or listen to recordingNone2015-06-09 12:45:26
Lisa Levinsonlisa@idausa.orgY2Q953TDDISE3VMUPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.81OtherNeeds help ASAP!None2015-06-09 16:51:29
Sylviesylvie.curran@evolvingwisdom.comZVH4FD8KO6NC33KEAdminFirefox 38.0PIN issuesOUR TEACHER IS GETTING THIS MESSAGE: One moment please, we are calling your party… sorry, this call cannot be connected at this time, please try again later…None2015-06-10 10:35:25
Michele Wmichele.w@goddessbusinessschool.comGE5S8XRNY4DH7J2JAssistantFirefox 38.0Audio QualityHost using (310) 409-2027 right now has static on the line - off and onNone2015-06-10 15:05:59
Sonia Urlandosoniaurlando@gmail.comX7M9HKSH5TNKH11AssistantChrome 43.0.2357.81Disconnection & ResponsivenessFive minutes before the start time of our call, two of our participants connected (appearing on the dashboard) and then dropped off about a minute later, both at the same time. Let us know if there is something we can suggest to avoid this issue. - SoniaNone2015-06-10 15:57:38
Shimonashimona@shimona.orgZ25YHIURVVUSGDIPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.124OtherI have not been able to activate the participant dashboard the past few weeks. The check box next to "Post Message" is no longer there.None2015-06-10 19:22:48
shdgsdjsh@mailinator.comPDKPMFM17MN4UPZAdminChrome 43.0.2357.81Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelytytNone2015-06-10 23:53:01
saras@mailinator.comMCU7LNPV3FSU7QHDAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.124Display & Sort issueshelloNone2015-06-11 03:01:38
Syed Samadsamad@mailinator.comMCU7LNPV3FSU7QHDPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.124Breakouts, Cues, TonesTesting the Bug ReportingNone2015-06-11 03:06:07
test bugzashraf@folio3.com1234AdminChrome 43.0.2357.81Microphone control / responsivenessThis is just for testing. please ignoreNone2015-06-11 03:22:48
test bugzashraf@folio3.comtestAdminChrome 43.0.2357.81Microphone control / responsivenesstest bugNone2015-06-11 04:26:13
saras@mailinator.comPDKPMFM17MN4UPZAdminChrome 43.0.2357.124Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to Excel[test]Screenshot2015-06-11 04:33:40
Laura Madsenlauramadsen@shaw.caF48V5N6YSGIJBLTPresenterSafari 8.0.5Audio QualityIntroductory music very fuzzy today -- usually clear! ThxNone2015-06-15 16:35:14
Laura Madsenlauramadsen@shaw.caF48V5N6YSGIJBLTPresenterSafari 8.0.5Audio QualityIntroductory music very fuzzy today -- usually clear! ThxNone2015-06-15 16:35:21
newd@mailinator.com9M9B9DM4W8CEX0KAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.124Display & Sort issues[Test]Screenshot2015-06-16 06:14:10
cyndi waldrupcynthiagoerigwaldrup@gmail.comSXQ1C795TWIABWCPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.124PIN issuesSomeone calling in said - that it told them their email was invalid...? Why did that happen?None2015-06-16 18:30:17
Brandy AranaCUP@provcorp.comQJ7TUEAQYID9SO0KPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.124OtherI just want to let support know that the screenshare link for the maestro screenshare did NOT go to the registrants of the class... We had to send it out separately. As you can see from the screenshot, we do have our setting set-up correctly. Screenshot2015-06-18 12:22:31
Penny Hazenpshazen@gmail.comY5QUE5SVEC8XDBQTAdminFirefox 37.0OtherHelpNone2015-06-23 17:07:23
Samadsamad.bukhari@maestroconference.com1YDCJPYEXI5K2S9XPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.130Breakouts, Cues, Tones[Testing] This is a test bug. Please ignore. Thank you.Screenshot2015-06-24 00:22:32
Elaineelaine@hansen-rd.comLX9036G7YLHWDVAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Audio QualityAbout half way thru the call, the sound volume dropped for everyone. It bounced back briefly. BUT we had to finish the call by shouting into the mic and making sure everyone was on the highest volume when speaking in the large group. A couple of times as people were speaking on the large mic we heard a few seconds of increased volume and it quickly returned to a low level volume - despite what the dashboard showed the volume setting to be.None2015-06-24 09:51:15
laura Madsenlauramadsen@shaw.ca9UUPQZEFK6P118SOPresenterSafari 8.0.5Audio QualityEverything is being echoed on our call right now. A big "ping" noise -- and then 3 out of the 4 of us are echoing!!! Terrible!None2015-06-24 16:33:27
Lauralauramadsen@shaw.caGHD6G7K8QJHO38CXPresenterSafari 8.0.5Disconnection & ResponsivenessI am the presenter and unable to get on the call. it just rings and rings!!!!None2015-06-27 14:02:13
Lauralauramadsen@shaw.caGHD6G7K8QJHO38CXPresenterSafari 8.0.5Audio Qualitythe sound is breaking up and unclearNone2015-06-27 14:06:09
mair alightmair@mairalight.comQBYC1ULRJBT8YX68PresenterChrome 43.0.2357.125Breakouts, Cues, Toneschime tones did not soundNone2015-06-29 19:22:18
Frank Schweigertfschweigert@columbusorg.comDYYHW1YHSCEI1C3SPresenterFirefox 38.0Audio QualityReports of static and echo by participants using our 800 lineNone2015-06-30 06:10:52
Liz Pallattolizpallatto@gmail.comU0GQQYHGPDRAL200AdminChrome 42.0.2311.153Microphone control / responsivenessWe are having problems with echoing. None2015-06-30 15:35:58
Gwenda Joycegwenda@artambassador.netX5FESVMM5YBI074SPresenterFirefox 38.0Audio QualityI cannot turn off the Music when I enter the conference or start to speak!None2015-07-04 12:07:11
sarasara@mailinator.comZNV527VYPU4R96QNAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.130Breakouts, Cues, Tones[Test]None2015-07-06 04:20:39
sarasara@mailinator.comZNV527VYPU4R96QNAssistantChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenessnew testNone2015-07-06 04:22:06
testtestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2015-07-07 03:15:38
nadeemtestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2015-07-07 03:39:11
testtestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2015-07-07 03:39:56
Test Bugsbukhari@mailinator.comCWTO7BMATF5ROEWGPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.130Breakouts, Cues, Tones[Test Bug]None2015-07-07 03:41:05
testtestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2015-07-07 04:37:04
jztestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130PIN issuestetScreenshot2015-07-07 04:37:50
mustufatestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenesstestScreenshot2015-07-07 04:45:40
zeeshanzashraf@folio3.com1234AdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Microphone control / responsivenessTEST bugNone2015-07-07 04:54:00
Mustestnadeem.akhter.rana@mailinator.comU6KJ2FYEDYG2SPYWAdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Breakouts, Cues, TonesBOScreenshot2015-07-07 04:56:09
Zeeshanzashraf@folio3.com1234AdminChrome 43.0.2357.130OtherTesting OS from macNone2015-07-07 05:03:43
Jay Corralesjay@theshiftnetwork.comO6HYPFHQ1ZS8TQ8AdminChrome 43.0.2357.130Breakouts, Cues, TonesEntryway is not working. Entryway was turned on in Settings from the Maestro dashboard. When new callers joined, they were placed directly into the main room.None2015-07-07 14:38:44
Nikki Hayesnikkihayes@hotmail.comL7HOIUCMJE2CMYNAdminInternet Explorer 11.0Display & Sort issues 17:54:38
Alan Robyalan@billbaren.comCGZN5P7GHT5QITIYPresenterChrome 43.0.2357.132OtherI cannot get the music to turn off. And even if I change the conference settings to no music and re-start the call, the music is still on. I have a call at 11 am and this has got to be resolved before then. Please advise. Thanks.None2015-07-08 07:12:59
Alain Herriottalainh@me.comXRH1GBE7C428ABCCPresenterSafari 8.0.7Disconnection & ResponsivenessUnable to call on participantsNone2015-07-13 12:10:29
Jon Benferjbenfer@arbinger.comNHOUBWDXKLB5Q0PresenterFirefox 39.0OtherFlash is unsecure. Plan to fix it?None2015-07-14 07:30:48
Zeeshan Ashrafzashraf@folio3.comMITGKJHPGKDG20QMAdminChrome 43.0.2357.132OtherTest Bug reported from conductor interfaceNone2015-07-15 03:36:49
Diego Rodriguezsekhmet@gmail.com39EURJ2QHHVXG753AdminSafari 8.0.7OtherConductor interface took 4 minutes to load (just doing a normal reservationless event)None2015-07-15 05:37:26
Luciano DiMarinoluciano@leapzonestrategies.comP377UCZQ4HOGWVT9AssistantFirefox 39.0OtherYour hold music in not ideal. Has too many dull moments and you can NOT hear music making it confusing for clients. None2015-07-23 11:22:59
Angela Goodeveangela.goodeve38@gmail.comP1ZRJUPVTOELXPBPresenterFirefox 39.0OtherSet up as social webinar, but did not see for webcam for either my participant or myself as a Presenter. It was also not clear how to set up recording, and if participants could access online only rather than phone and online??None2015-07-24 14:32:25
Zeeshanzashraf@folio3.com1234AdminChrome 44.0.2403.107OtherTest BugNone2015-07-27 03:16:12
Linda Barklbark7777@aol.comDFX5P0W6Q7K5AVOPresenterSafari 6.1.4Other2 out of 4 people feel off the callNone2015-07-30 17:31:28
Linda Barklbark7777@aol.comDFX5P0W6Q7K5AVOPresenterSafari 6.1.4Other2 more people feel off the call at 5:34pmNone2015-07-30 17:38:34
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.comSOZ99CVLYIZUQNS0AdminFirefox 39.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessAbout 8 persons were dropped, plus 4 a bit earlier.... during the call. when we called back in we went directly into conference and not to green room as Presenters and Assistants..... also participants dropped... and our webcast.... All back now but just wanted to let you know. Thank You.None2015-07-30 17:44:21
JamieJamie.Cawthon@evolvingwisdom.comPJL053CETQ6L3F6PAdminFirefox 39.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe have had multiple presenters, assistants and participants disconnected from our calls. It has happened on two different occasions so far in our calls in the last 20 minutes. Please help.None2015-07-30 17:44:56
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.caYFO0JLATF5L2PJI8AdminSafari 7.1.7Disconnection & ResponsivenessEileen Malo call 7/30/15 5pPT. 6 people dropped off including one of the hosts about 30-40mins into the call. There was a complaint by one of the participants that she was kicked off the call 3x - a challenge in a meditative context.None2015-07-30 18:28:20
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.caYFO0JLATF5L2PJI8AdminSafari 7.1.7OtherClient reported that two people tried to register with the link from the client webpage and were unable to register. The client tested the link and it worked. Both clients were from Arizona and tried to register earlier today, Thurs July 30.None2015-07-30 18:54:24
Robinrcstreichler@yahoo.comXXJXIIAXT224CIAdminSafari 5.1.9OtherSuddenly half the people got dropped off the call including the presenter - they called back in right away, but why did that happen? The screen shot shows them just after they called back, but it was weird...Screenshot2015-08-03 15:06:11
Aubrey (Maestro)aubrey@maestroconference.comCLBP8PNUZ8VP7LMDAssistantChrome 44.0.2403.125Breakouts, Cues, TonesEarly in the call, constant playing of the bell audio cue. Please check who was doing that at around this timestamp time. thanks! None2015-08-03 16:05:58
Nomannomang@gmail.comVUKLU5XME2ZVMB5VPresenterChrome 44.0.2403.125Otherspecial offer is not being showing even these are enabled from conference and participants are also selected . it says no caller selected , while it is selected Screenshot2015-08-06 20:01:44
Aubrey (Maestro)aubrey@maestroconference.comSKV61AUBWPSWWUXFPresenterChrome 44.0.2403.130Disconnection & ResponsivenessSW and CI not running okay today. had all selected, and moved to green room, and only one moved into green room. SW does not refresh the caller profile pics and lists correctlyNone2015-08-07 11:15:34
Ericevoleader1-callhost@yahoo.comSKV61AUBWPSWWUXFAssistantChrome 44.0.2403.107Breakouts, Cues, Toneswe tested moving to green room and back to original breakout, noticed that there is latency and still shows 3 of us on call in breakout number count column when actually only 2 of us, Aubrey already made the screenshotNone2015-08-07 11:30:24
Cynthia Jamescynthia@cynthiajames.netG9K3VPL2F0G4JUWZPresenterSafari 8.0.7Audio QualityThe callers are all echoingNone2015-08-10 17:12:17
sameendsameen@folio3.com5JEPMZMVYDYJ9GMAAdminChrome 44.0.2403.130I wish I had a feature ...abcNone2015-08-11 00:32:44
durraysasa@gmail.com5JEPMZMVYDYJ9GMAAdminChrome 44.0.2403.130PIN issuesasasaScreenshot2015-08-11 00:36:19
sarasara@mailinator.comC0K0GJ2K2TJYMKFMAdminChrome 44.0.2403.130Breakouts, Cues, TonesnewScreenshot2015-08-11 01:08:18
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.ca2UM2C5TFEJEYDX64AdminSafari 6.1.6OtherRecorders were assigned to named breakouts with presenters and hosts. Once ppts were assigned by hand raise and then moved into breakouts, the recorders somehow jumped out of their respective breakouts and ended up grouped together with the Assts. Sorry, no screenshot:(None2015-08-11 12:43:30
Matin Goldmarsgold@gmail.comGXB3EQ0NEUGFJXRAdminChrome 44.0.2403.130OtherCannot hear any of the team on the callNone2015-08-12 10:09:30
Jennah Synnestvedtjennah@jennah.comAPHX7C42JAS80EWSPresenterFirefox 39.0Microphone control / responsivenessThe music is not turning off...None2015-08-14 08:11:16
Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.comCLBP8PNUZ8VP7LMDAdminChrome 44.0.2403.155OtherSW google forms not working for some in IBNone2015-08-17 15:48:15
patricia Keelpatriciakeel@gmail.comK4VNYU09KXBMHIPPresenterSafari 7.1.7Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2015-08-17 17:24:40
Nicholenschlec@gmail.comOMN311WHM07440GQAdminFirefox 40.0OtherLaunched a call, screenshot section popped up. On entry tone settings, clicked a different option instead of all and I got the error shown in the screenshot.Screenshot2015-08-25 11:06:35
Claireclaire@berniesanders.com93J938KJ8X0O27E6PresenterChrome 44.0.2403.125Audio QualityNone2015-08-25 17:03:58
newsqureshi@folio3.comF9OI1RVTDWCPTBZPresenterChrome 44.0.2403.157Breakouts, Cues, TonesnewScreenshot2015-08-26 06:05:37
sarasqureshi@folio3.comF9OI1RVTDWCPTBZAssistantChrome 44.0.2403.157Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelNone2015-08-26 06:10:22
dianediane@designbizblueprint.comQ20E706Z4NSJRHTAdminFirefox 40.0Otherwe need more lines asapNone2015-08-26 13:30:31
Claireclaire@berniesanders.comK875LNE2D8TBF3NPresenterChrome 44.0.2403.125Audio QualityMusic in and out. static. None2015-08-26 17:00:56
Ahsanahsanali.sheikh@gmail.com72NRS7AB25X5V3PresenterChrome 44.0.2403.157Breakouts, Cues, Tonesi duunnoooNone2015-08-27 04:24:02
Sherrijoyeveryday@sympatico.caCTS4O39Q83C322LBAdminChrome 42.0.2311.152Audio QualityWebphone: Sound was warbly at 1:08/1:09pPT on Aug 27/15. Account: liongoodman@gmail.comNone2015-08-27 13:20:36
sarasqureshi@folio3.comJD5ILGT0L5TZ7Q1JAssistantChrome 44.0.2403.157Microphone control / responsivenessregergegrn egerg erg Screenshot2015-08-28 08:21:05
Eric Trothevoleader1-callhost@yahoo.comGOO4J8832X5PKRFUPresenterChrome 44.0.2403.157Audio QualityWe seemed to have a lot of echoes today. This is a small group that has met weekly for a year and a half so I have a pretty good sense of how it usually goes and this stood out as much more problematic. I have told people about the problems of speakerphones and needing to self mute. What was confusing to me is seeing mics light up green, for being the source of sound, when those people told me "No, not me, I was on mute." Two of us also had problems with our PINs when trying to get on so I wonder if there was some kind of shift with the telecoms providers.None2015-08-29 09:50:59
Bradbrad.perkins@evolvingwisdom.comIPTCOS3H83W5J1BXAssistantFirefox 40.0OtherWe are hearing reports that Chrome is not working for our conference in progress. Can you look into it and let me know? Thanks.None2015-08-29 10:28:44
Sherrijoyeveryday@sympatico.ca3KUMYBQB9YXIL0PAdminSafari 6.1.6Disconnection & ResponsivenessI got dropped off the call 3X tonight. Once after the YouTube incident, once after the call in the Green Room and once when I was moving a ppt from a private breakout (-26-) back into her breakout (13). None2015-08-30 19:10:40
Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.comCLBP8PNUZ8VP7LMDAdminChrome 44.0.2403.157Breakouts, Cues, TonesCould not move presenters into the green room at the end. Screen was locked.None2015-08-31 17:07:15
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comGJA13FVBK9XDSF6AAdminChrome 44.0.2403.157OtherRight now as we are on a live conference, Many of the participant names are the same but have different pins. The same names show up on both the CI and SW. However these are different people. It seems to be a bug in the system that needs immediate attention. I am emailing Aubrey the caputre file to see the data.None2015-09-01 11:12:30
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comVI5I4Y9YGQ62GDAdminChrome 44.0.2403.157PIN issuesNo emails reminder went out for this conference. On another conference I received the email 12 hour after the 24 hour reminder.None2015-09-02 09:09:33
DanDan@SpiralPathEnterprises.com6HYK1I86XXNECKC5PresenterSafari 8.0.7Audio QualityStatic on current callNone2015-09-05 10:19:56
sarasara@mailinator.comX8YVRBY4LW973OQKAdminChrome 45.0.2454.85Display & Sort issuesNone2015-09-10 05:32:39
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comFASEZ4GMH0YS1CHKAdminChrome 45.0.2454.85Disconnection & ResponsivenessOne of the participants had this dial in number 530-216-4294 assigned to them. She called several times and got a busy signal.None2015-09-10 11:32:49
Maura Rawnmaura@schooltransformation.comK7JROKYRWDPSK4ERAssistantInternet Explorer 11.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessCallers were getting "call not available" type messages - took numerous tries to get the call to engage so the PIN could be enteredNone2015-09-10 17:57:58
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.caKA7NPRTXZW4KS7OMAdminSafari 6.1.6OtherKevin Mills (from this call) did not receive his reminders for this call. We checked his email and it appears correct. Any ideas what might be happening? The asst in the call just deleted and re-entered his name and email hoping that might work. None2015-09-11 09:30:25
Summer Bocksupport@Summerbock.comN2BPZW9SEQNTLLHTPresenterChrome 45.0.2454.85Breakouts, Cues, TonesSeveral of our breakout groups shared with us that they were able to hear other break out groups, but the people could not hear them! Yikes. Also, several people who were in a group were dropped from the group and had to be added back again during the break out session. We are hosting a cleansing program as our test of Maestro and have continued to have these issues with the break out groups. We would appreciate any help you can offer. We have 5 more sessions coming up over the next two weeks, so we really want to have this resolved ASAP. We are in a trial...we keep trying but so far the technology is not quite where we need it to use with our larger programs. Thank you, CyndiNone2015-09-11 18:33:48
sameensasa@gmail.comG0RIH9NHCKN0KT1HAdminChrome 45.0.2454.85Breakouts, Cues, TonesssScreenshot2015-09-16 04:10:38
Sherrijoyeveryday@sympatico.ca6UOVNMBIRZ8EC5VMAdminChrome 45.0.2454.85Disconnection & ResponsivenessUsing Webphone, the Presenter dropped from the call at approx 9:20amPT.None2015-09-19 09:46:11
Sherrijoyeveryday@sympatico.ca6UOVNMBIRZ8EC5VMAdminChrome 45.0.2454.85Disconnection & ResponsivenessPresenter was disconnected from webphone at about 9:20amPT. She dialed back in by telephone. She tried webphone again after the lunch break at 12pmPT and got the spinning beach ball. She was in Chrome and did not experience any blips in the Conductor Interface when the webphone disconnected at 9:20amPT :( I really want the webphone to be working;) The other thing that happened is that I have been bumped off of the call twice today from my landline and had to dial back in. Is that my telephone service provider? I dialed in using the number 949-202-1057None2015-09-19 12:46:43
tonitoni@trueselftotalhealth.com7KB7YRMTCWE2ESW3PresenterSafari 8.0.4Audio QualityThere were four of us on the call. Two of us had phones with earbuds/headphones and received feedback or echoes of what we were saying. I took them out...still did not help. I had to abandon the call. What is the problem?None2015-09-23 13:07:20
Raeanneraeanne@missiondrivenadvisor.comLLGQ3BCI2TXW6EQAdminChrome 45.0.2454.99Disconnection & Responsivenessused the call in number and PIN to get on a call, but it disconnected right awayNone2015-09-24 09:27:19
sabasaba.craig0@gmail.comYRYZC5JWLI5US1M3AdminSafari 8.0.7PIN issuesplease check that the pin for my participants work. I have had a lot of problems, the call starts in 25 minutes None2015-09-24 11:39:26
Tori Hartmantori@torihartman.comDM8KTEACQZ99SW3BPresenterFirefox 41.0Breakouts, Cues, Tonesbreakout tones not working, I have someone calling in from bellfast and there is terrible sound.None2015-09-27 09:44:51
Linda Barklbark7777@aol.comOWGKKESV8SNE05YTPresenterSafari 6.0.5Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was dropped off the call 2 times tonight. Last night at 3pm Pacific, I could not access the dashboard and I tried 3 different servers and could not get on and had students on the line and I could not do the dashboard so I could not get myself out of the green room or turn off the music. It was terrible. I was able to teach a class at 4:30pm PACIFIC with no problem. What happened at 3pm? None2015-09-29 19:21:05
sarasara@mailinator.comD13P1CP9CUQVJWAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Breakouts, Cues, Tonesno stepsScreenshot2015-09-30 00:49:39
Carmen Culvercculver@columbusorg.comGUYDMIKG1L8JVAN6AssistantInternet Explorer 11.0PIN issuesOne of our registered callers can not get on the call, they had tried several of the numbers and several different PINS. her name is Molly Rindock. Can you please advise what to do? None2015-09-30 06:54:41
cpouteau35@gmail.commariepierrediesanchez@hotmail.frSYYXRB66WJXKN0FPPresenterBreakouts, Cues, TonesHello the participants complain a LOT about bad sound, cuts when I speak; It use to have the same problem with my last class from marche to june. What can be done? how to have a better sound and gve class in good conditions? Thank you None2015-10-01 13:02:14
cpouteau35@gmail.commariepierrediesanchez@hotmail.frSYYXRB66WJXKN0FPPresenterBreakouts, Cues, TonesHello the participants complain a LOT about bad sound, cuts when I speak; It use to have the same problem with my last class from marche to june. What can be done? how to have a better sound and gve class in good conditions? Thank you None2015-10-01 13:02:55
cpouteau35@gmail.commariepierrediesanchez@hotmail.frSYYXRB66WJXKN0FPPresenterBreakouts, Cues, TonesHello the participants complain a LOT about bad sound, cuts when I speak; It use to have the same problem with my last class from marche to june. What can be done? how to have a better sound and gve class in good conditions? Thank you None2015-10-01 13:03:21
cpouteau35@gmail.commariepierrediesanchez@hotmail.frSYYXRB66WJXKN0FPPresenterBreakouts, Cues, TonesHello the participants complain a LOT about bad sound, cuts when I speak; It use to have the same problem with my last class from marche to june. What can be done? how to have a better sound and gve class in good conditions? Thank you None2015-10-01 13:03:40
cpouteau35@gmail.commariepierrediesanchez@hotmail.frSYYXRB66WJXKN0FPPresenterBreakouts, Cues, TonesHello the participants complain a LOT about bad sound, cuts when I speak; It use to have the same problem with my last class from marche to june. What can be done? how to have a better sound and gve class in good conditions? Thank you None2015-10-01 13:11:30
Jenjen@permiekids.comBI2QA0U0AZ3Q9OK4AdminFirefox 40.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessI am in the middle of a conference and I keep seeing the message "Meeting is staring soon" and it is cutting in/out and not allowing me to show videos or screenshare.None2015-10-01 16:26:11
Dan GauthierDan@Earthtribe.com6HYK1I86XXNECKC5AdminSafari 8.0.7Audio Qualitywe are experiencing static and poor audio quality on a call in progressNone2015-10-03 10:24:03
chadChad@forrestpg.comFRCCGXKJGBQJ447AdminSafari 9.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessCant get on call line and nor can any of my attendeesNone2015-10-05 09:10:55
sameen durraydsameen@folio3.com7ACQZ7YXP4C0YSUAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101PIN issuespin etcScreenshot2015-10-06 01:13:44
samansam_rajouri@hotmail.com7ACQZ7YXP4C0YSUAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Microphone control / responsivenessetcNone2015-10-06 01:14:53
samandsameen@folio3.com7ACQZ7YXP4C0YSUPresenterChrome 45.0.2454.101Audio QualityhelloNone2015-10-06 03:21:31
durraydsameen@folio3.comR1CF63FRZTUX6YPEAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Breakouts, Cues, TonessameenNone2015-10-06 05:44:24
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comL1HYFP74G3NWUAUUAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Microphone control / responsivenessOne of our participants cannot be heard: Russell Mitchell-Walker.None2015-10-06 08:48:54
Sylviesylvie.curran@evolvingwisdom.comIPTCOS3H83W5J1BXAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhat is wrong for these ppl? Eugenie - - Nassau (Incoming) -1h 36m 16s - Calling with Skype was not possible - the call went through but Claire never came through, however I had great success with the webcast. Thank you, Claire for sharing so much wisdom with me and challenging me to live my very best life. And for allowing the communication with the wonderful women on this course. With my very best love, Eugenie Sharon D - - Port Saint Lucie, Florida (Incoming) -1h 39m 44s - Folks, I was and am still not able to access the conference via the phone. The response is that the moderator has not yet entered the call. Our call has successfully been under way since 5pm PT!None2015-10-07 18:47:14
sameendsameen@folio3.comMVS9F5BHZI0D2H6MAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Audio QualitylowScreenshot2015-10-08 04:35:07
sandysjohnson@nexcareer.com7AHR5PONYCQ2LFO6PresenterChrome 45.0.2454.101OtherHow do I turn the music off to start the presentationNone2015-10-14 09:25:05
KatieKatieM@spiritrock.org878C1CT1SYEJXIVSAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Microphone control / responsivenessI can not hear the music or the participants - URGENTNone2015-10-14 17:53:53
KatieKatieM@spiritrock.org878C1CT1SYEJXIVSAdminChrome 45.0.2454.101Microphone control / responsivenessNeither I nor the main presenter are able to hear the participants. Call is currently in processNone2015-10-14 18:11:44
Jenjen@permiekids.comYINRUCLOQ10XXLAdminFirefox 41.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessClient trying to use the webphone in Thailand has been waiting for over 10 minutes for it to connect. This is after trying once before and waiting for over 5 minutes for it to connect.None2015-10-21 03:24:17
Alejandra Sirokaalejandra.siroka@gmail.com0WBW3WDFPWCYESX9PresenterFirefox 41.0Microphone control / responsivenessi cannot turn the music off! help!None2015-10-26 10:10:07
Rachelremt8@hotmail.com1O60RA662J7ONIZVAssistantFirefox 41.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessThe presenter and assistant were dropped. The audio went out first, and then we were dropped from the call. It happened with the presenter first, and then a minute later to the assistant. The participants were not effected. None2015-10-27 10:43:11
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.ca90JPPG5F9QE3A7A6AdminSafari 6.1.6OtherAt the end of the call at approx 6:03pmET, both Jade (Shambhala host) and myself had a pop up that said our internet was disconnected. We had asked people to press 2 if they wanted to stay on to continue in a breakout. No 2s appeared, then the CI went crazy - the mics went public, we were out of the green room and back in the main room (independent of pressing any buttons), I had to keep changing our mics back to bo only and putting us (3 presenters) back in the green room. Then a bunch of 2s appeared and by the time I got to them, most of them had dropped off of the call.None2015-10-27 18:21:36
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comLZQXZVYZMIVNTXAPresenterChrome 46.0.2490.80Disconnection & ResponsivenessSeveral of the presenters and assistants on the CI had server error messages. Please verify the issue. Thanks,None2015-10-27 18:54:14
River Beckriver@350.orgQOVWZFUI05N2SKCPresenterChrome 46.0.2490.71I wish I had a feature wouldnt stop playingNone2015-10-29 01:41:30
tonitoni.f@dvmelite.comJ20592DCWD21968FPresenterChrome 46.0.2490.71Audio QualityThere is a lot of crackling on this call. None2015-11-03 08:33:56
Nadirahnadirah@theshiftnetwork.comV0S59TG17C957G1AdminChrome 46.0.2490.80Microphone control / responsivenessI adjusted the mic volume for myself and for another presenter on a call. But the mic volume continually reset itself back to the mid rate (which was too low for many of our participants).None2015-11-10 13:24:07
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.com19MIEDDS4Y1Y22COPresenterChrome 46.0.2490.86Display & Sort issuesScreen Share shows ©2015 MaestroConference overlaying the shared screen (in this case the power point slides being shown from the presnter) image shown on the screen. In this image attached mc screen share 1 copyright.png it shows the ©2015 MaestroConference in the middle of the screen. Screenshot2015-11-18 17:18:48
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.com19MIEDDS4Y1Y22COAdminChrome 46.0.2490.86Display & Sort issuesPrevious reported: Screen Share shows ©2015 MaestroConference overlaying the shared screen (in this case the power point slides being shown from the presnter) image shown on the screen. In this image attached mc screen share 1 copyright.png it shows the ©2015 MaestroConference in the middle of the screen. -- Attached is the imahge mc screen share 2 copyright.png which is shown scroll down where the ©2015 MaestroConference i is in the middle of the screen. It seems to me that the ©2015 MaestroConference notice should be removed as it really is not part of the presenters contentScreenshot2015-11-18 17:21:22
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.com19MIEDDS4Y1Y22COAdminChrome 46.0.2490.86OtherThis Report an Issue tool only allow 1 screen shot file to be attached. It need to allow multiple screen shot files to be attached. In addition, this Report and Issue tools need to cc the email address provided too. Thanks for the feature updates.None2015-11-18 17:23:32
folio3sara@mailinator.comPV55N4TYEZVA3CZTAdminChrome 46.0.2490.86Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelTestingScreenshot2015-11-20 00:16:38
toritori@torihartman.comLYR3OBJPA7PTFP9JPresenterFirefox 42.0Audio QualityHigh pitched squeels were intermittent in various groups. People dropping... tyNone2015-11-22 10:46:44
Audrey Seymouraudrey@clearchangegroup.comYOPBR436BS5CHHEYPresenterFirefox 42.0PIN issuesMy PIN does not work for this conference - both weeks so far, I just get a fast busy signal and need to use a student pin to get in.None2015-11-23 16:07:48
Sandy Sue Rectorbalanceyourlife@cox.net6BHBJNDMZCDY9PIPresenterSafari 6.1.6Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2015-11-23 17:44:17
Amy Isakovamyi@theshiftnetwork.comQNEBJ92S9A4MK9LUAssistantSafari 9.0.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessEveryone got kicked off the line! thought you should know.None2015-11-24 17:56:42
Amyamyi@theshiftnetwork.com2UK7T90CTFO0725AdminSafari 9.0.1OtherHi There, I was relying on the MC Webphone for a presenter and he got stalled out with it saying "connecting..."None2015-12-02 16:59:08
Brandonbrandon@optimalwellnesslabs.comEVUIE13XTP7AB2BDAssistantSafari 9.0.1Audio QualityThere is a bing everytime someone joins the call. Why is this happening?None2015-12-03 11:26:38
Mary Mackenziemary@nvcacademy.comEBXK1MZM37RT3T3OPresenterFirefox 42.0OtherNone2015-12-05 07:17:22
Joanna Garritanojoannagarritano@gmail.com9GVK0DHDVBMWCMMGPresenterSafari 8.0.5OtherI am unable to hear the opening music, and no one can hear my voice. I can connect to the call but it is just dead space. None2015-12-05 23:07:26
Sandrasandra@mydivineblueprint.comQ1JDV40C3KK30SUUPresenterFirefox 42.0Othermusic is set to be on before the conference right now and it is silent None2015-12-06 05:55:38
Sherrijoyeveryday@sympatico.caN9QGXO37WPBNG211AdminSafari 6.1.6Audio QualityThere is no sound. No one can hear anyone. All mics are open in the Main Room. No sound.None2015-12-06 12:28:59
Kristopher Dillardkris@releasetechnique.comP9NUX8Y881U7TZCIAdminSafari 7.1.8Microphone control / responsivenessNobody can hear usNone2015-12-07 07:52:42
Brentbrentus33@gmail.comAUXX3VGDPDC7OXR6AdminChrome 47.0.2526.73OtherNo sound is coming through for any of the callers or speakersNone2015-12-07 10:19:15
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.caQIJS0B3L5OMAB2RIAdminSafari 6.1.6OtherWebphone: Christian Krebs dialed in webphone. He could hear us and we could not hear him. I suggested he dial back in using Chrome. He tried again using Chrome and we were still unable to hear him. I suggested he check his microphone settings which he did and they appeared fine. He then dialled in using Skype and was able to be heard.None2015-12-08 03:17:06
Alana Feltalana@tendirections.com8J7T0QNBKEKQPFUWAssistantChrome 47.0.2526.80Audio QualityAudio quality is poor for our presenters and assistantsNone2015-12-17 09:34:03
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgRVILU95KL7O7EBTOPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.73OtherThe call drops in the middle of my session. This is about the 5th time this has occurred over the past 3 days. I even am using a different computer today. It happens when using a cell phone, a landline, a mac, a pc. I am getting VERY frustrated and dissatisfied with Maestro. there are other issues as well. Please respond. I sent a message yesterday as well. We are running a week long retreat class and we expect better quality than this. Thank you for responding. None2015-12-17 11:41:48
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comBP8ODOU5CS1S5X7XPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.80Disconnection & ResponsivenessACTIVE CALL IN PROGRESS - problem with Conductor Interface, showing more people in breakout than there are persons on the call. There are 6 participants on call, but breakout number shows "7" The CI froze for me when I tried to merge 2 breakouts (participant Stephen had bad sound, called back in, took him aside in another breakout for sound check, then tried to bring him in with rest of his group). The CI froze as I tried to move us between breakouts. We sat in silence a while before I refreshed screen again and eventually got us where I intended to take us. All this happened around 30 minutes on the timer. Things are working alright now with breakout, though the CI still shows the wrong number in breakout - confused about this bugginess of this. Note, I also opened a CI on another computer after the fact and screen still shows 7 participants in breakout when there are only 6. Further note that the SW view does correctly show 6 of us around the table in contrast to the CI. Odd.Screenshot2015-12-22 09:44:36
Gwenda Joycegwendacreative@gmail.comKL2LUABLIR5NG13PresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106OtherUnable to log into Social WebinarScreenshot2016-01-04 16:49:49
Cliffcdunning@gmail.comC4Y6F1F0MVRO4NNLAdminChrome 47.0.2526.106Disconnection & ResponsivenessIt appears that our entire tele-seminar group did not receive the email announcing the programs.None2016-01-04 18:27:09
Ovais Testovais.ashraf@maestroconference.comP3I4B8YMX6G52H85AdminChrome 47.0.2526.106Other1. test. 2. test. 3. testNone2016-01-07 03:40:16
Ovais Testovais.ashraf@maestroconference.comP3I4B8YMX6G52H85AdminChrome 47.0.2526.106Microphone control / responsivenessasdsa asdas dsadsadasdasNone2016-01-07 03:41:59
sarasqureshi@folio3.comGNKLCFC77U43TCQTPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelTestingNone2016-01-07 03:47:32
folio3sara@mailinator.comGNKLCFC77U43TCQTAssistantChrome 47.0.2526.106Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExceltestingNone2016-01-07 03:48:09
Rebecca Colwellrebecca@tendirections.comHQ5U5V0M25YL6JTPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Microphone control / responsivenessthey could not hear me in the green room None2016-01-07 09:37:37
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comO0YCRYVKIOBQ45AdminChrome 47.0.2526.106Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe had a participant in a breakout drop off the call and then come back into their breakout, but their mic was set to public. In the past if this has happened the participant does not get placed back into a breakout. I am not sure if the default setting on the mic for participants being set to public impacts this, but it was very disruptive to our call. None2016-01-07 13:01:52
Amyamyi@theshiftnetwork.comYVGP71S4AJG3DO4XAssistantSafari 9.0.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was listening to a call and all of a sudden my audio cut out. I was not disconnected, just my audio stopped.None2016-01-07 13:30:13
Ovais Testingovais.ashraf@maestroconference.comGNKLCFC77U43TCQTPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Otherchali ja emailNone2016-01-07 23:30:59
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgFJOGXNBENAKAWWNPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Othercall droppedNone2016-01-09 15:37:33
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgFJOGXNBENAKAWWNPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhen I mute participants for more than about a minute, then the call drops. It does this consistently. None2016-01-09 16:03:21
DanielaD_Welzel@gmx.deAG1V09JHICXJI1DAssistantChrome 47.0.2526.106Audio QualityAlmost 50 % of the participants, presenter and assistants had an issue with the souhnd with webphone (very choppy sound up to not understandable anymore) Probably there is some kind of problem with webphone. None2016-01-10 11:41:13
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgFJOGXNBENAKAWWNPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.106Breakouts, Cues, TonesGong not working alwaysNone2016-01-10 15:15:34
JennyJmathews@gmail.comVYHLX4Y480YM6QAdminFirefox 43.0Otherrecording ended early!!!None2016-01-12 16:28:09
Rosemary Senjemrsenjem@birthcenteraccreditation.orgWB0JGAPD5T99OHIAdminChrome 47.0.2526.111OtherWe are having trouble adding a co-presenter. She can join the meeting, but does not get the app to download to share her screen.None2016-01-17 15:40:02
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comT0OUPBSCLSUV8MXBAdminChrome 47.0.2526.111Display & Sort issuesThe CI is having problems during this call. At least 2 issues: 1) Not all of the callers are showing on the ci, I have to refresh several times using the url .. it is if the ci data is not dynamically beingf refershed. (2). During breakouts the size number of breakouts showes a different number than the actual number of people in a particular breakout. Also at thimes the ci showed a breakout on the bottom right of the screen but no breakout or people in the breakout was representative on the main postion of the screen under all callers. Again maybe this is a ci display issue, but it messes every thing up when driving a call if the CI data is not correct. Please verify that all servers and processes are correctly running at this time and report back to me Barry Bettman ThanksNone2016-01-19 12:50:20
Sophiesellmangolan@everytown.orgBJX02KYZM9O2O0YHPresenterChrome 47.0.2526.111Microphone control / responsivenessThe system is not recognizing our microphones. The mics are on and in "public" mode but no one on the phone can hear us, and the mics are not turning green when we speak into them...None2016-01-26 10:39:51
Carmen Culvercculver@columbusorg.comWE1I2W109SR4M0SGAssistantChrome 47.0.2526.111Audio QualityWe are getting reports that the audio is choppy on our conference call that is currently in session. None2016-01-27 07:16:13
Andrew Langfordandrew@gaiauniversity.org0GKQA45EFIW2AVTPresenterFirefox 43.0Disconnection & Responsivenesson our regular call (which usually works fine) both the presenter and the assistant were dropped at around the same time. IT took about 6 minutes for it all to come back into function again ...None2016-01-28 09:40:16
Asma qureshisara@mailinator.comNDJO02VIHZFZSSNAAdminChrome 47.0.2526.111OtherTestingScreenshot2016-01-29 03:21:25
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comBP8ODOU5CS1S5X7XPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.97Audio QualityWe had a customer on this call attempting to use Webphone who was unable to hear anything. She called in multiple times but could not hear anything. Eventually, I gave her a new PIN and she got in (not sure until I check call report if she also switched method of calling at same time). Name was Sage. It was about 20 minutes or so until eventually able to connect with her by audio.None2016-02-05 11:54:40
chadchad@forrestpg.comN8VXKLV7YWA9AMJPresenterSafari 9.0.3Microphone control / responsivenessNone2016-02-08 08:16:35
Julie Cummingsjcummings@wellcoaches.comHV1EQD3QUXVL2PPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.103Microphone control / responsivenessNone2016-02-08 09:23:10
Paulapaula@artellaland.com2Z1KR5BYFXLHBPLTAssistantChrome 48.0.2564.103OtherSocial Webinar not loadingNone2016-02-09 07:17:15
Rosemary Senjemrsenjem@birthcenteraccreditation.orgVL690GF1HNTONMLPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.109Disconnection & Responsivenesshaving trouble keeping the connection. plugged in now. trouble restarting the meeting.None2016-02-10 16:15:46
Gwen Emmonsgwen@forwardtogether.org6R2CYOWVCABRU5LJAdminChrome 48.0.2564.103Audio QualityTerrible loud static noise upon logging in. Is there a way to fix this before our call starts at 4:30pm PT?None2016-02-10 16:18:55
Matthewtech_support@thepeacealliance.org16PEUZFJUJT73C5PresenterChrome 48.0.2564.103Disconnection & ResponsivenessOur host cannot get in! Please advise. None2016-02-10 17:58:17
Rosemary Senjemrsenjem@birthcenteraccreditation.org51RUEGJI7J7N8JSPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.109Disconnection & ResponsivenessBlack boxes coming and going on screen shareNone2016-02-11 18:35:36
Jodi Beckjodibeck@gmail.com0BVZ8LHAG2ESMWXVAssistantChrome 39.0.2171.95OtherI am on Photon on my ipad and unable to type in the main page of the interface.None2016-02-13 10:18:01
Toi Hinesoffice@naacpga.org7QQ7WKDCXWIXKN1AdminChrome 48.0.2564.109OtherThere is feedback on the call from the speaker. what can we do.None2016-02-18 13:20:23
Debora Seidmandeborasei@gmail.com4D65VU9XSOTQNZGPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Display & Sort issuesPeople were pressing 1 to raise their hands and it did not come up on my screenNone2016-02-22 12:34:30
dorothy firmandfirman@comcast.netQLM4SD4N88MQVRXTPresenterSafari 9.0.3PIN issuescaller could not get in with 4 different numbers. His call was from:210.995.3556None2016-02-23 06:58:21
Toioffice@naacpga.org6KL5JG6O8520MO3PresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Microphone control / responsivenessI can not hear my guestNone2016-02-24 17:50:22
Samad - Test Conferencesamad.bukhari@maestroconference.comOACBAQ7WWBBVCAdminChrome 48.0.2564.116OtherThis is a test bug.Screenshot2016-02-24 21:49:50
aubrey.ganaubrey@maestroconference.comIQ3F9PNU1Q01Y1PresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Disconnection & ResponsivenessAll Webphone users disconnectedNone2016-02-25 11:58:14
Markmarkpeysha@gmail.comFF44RW88T91ZP2KAdminFirefox 44.0Audio QualityOur 1pm call today had a terrible echo when presenters spoke. We tried hanging up and calling back in several times. No result. Hand to cancel class! Please address this. None2016-02-25 14:02:38
carolanne@theshiftnetwork.comcarolanne@theshiftnetwork.comL7111A0JGV3F1MGTAdminChrome 48.0.2564.116Disconnection & Responsivenesskeep getting an internet connection issue - but I tried both of my broadband services -- refreshed my browser -- 4 or 5 errorsNone2016-03-02 17:43:54
CarolAnne Robinsoncarolanne@theshiftnetwork.comL7111A0JGV3F1MGTAdminChrome 48.0.2564.116Disconnection & ResponsivenessError about internet at least 10 times now, between browser refreshes, no matter which of two internet connections I use. None2016-03-02 17:53:31
ayoka turnerayokaturner.blm@gmail.comLLMZGSTUV18FOTA0AdminChrome 48.0.2564.116Microphone control / responsivenessNone2016-03-06 11:19:18
Sophiesellmangolan@everytown.orgEMXJWBWWGVU0DVSZPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Microphone control / responsivenessSystem not registering microphone; callers cannot hear usNone2016-03-07 09:23:34
Jackie Splainjsplain@interoccupy.net8MRNLDM3TJFKW0YHAssistantChrome 48.0.2564.116Disconnection & ResponsivenessBoth the Presenter and Assistant were getting connectivity warnings for several minutes. Seems ok at the moment.None2016-03-09 09:31:36
cindycindyjacisin@Hotmail.comMSNUM5E2PZHG1NJWPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Display & Sort issuesno one can see my presentationNone2016-03-09 18:15:18
territerri@hormonalhealthandwellness.com9VEXGWZWFJTJLEZHPresenterFirefox 44.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessCallers randomly get disconnected. can you help us understand what might cause this to happen?None2016-03-10 10:55:13
/beverlybbuncher@familyrecoveryresources.comEBQ7RP6BFAG9EK8DPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.75Disconnection & Responsiveness2 people kicked off and cannot get back on. again and again.None2016-03-14 16:56:51
Heidi Ochtrupheidiochtrup@gmail.comR8F7IEKAS6IHRBPresenterChrome 48.0.2564.116Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe had about 6 people fall off our class all at once. It is the Wisdom of the Whole Advanced tools class. Linda Bark is our administratorNone2016-03-14 17:10:36
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comBP8ODOU5CS1S5X7XPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was driving this call, lost connection to Conductor Interface a couple of times around 10:17am Pacific or so and sometime shortly thereafter. It happened on 2 different computers with different internet connections which leads me to believe it was systemic rather than a problem on my end.None2016-03-15 10:59:28
Rachel Taccariellora.tacca@gmail.com1O60RA662J7ONIZVAssistantFirefox 44.0Display & Sort issuesTwo listings of the same name, Stacey P. Not sure how to replicate the bug. Please see attached screen shot. Screenshot2016-03-15 11:07:00
Kendel Rustk.rust@sympatico.caFV5CDB9IVZBGH66JAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.87Breakouts, Cues, TonesGroups are not created automatically using numbers in custom 1 so we had to do it all by handNone2016-03-15 16:59:03
Penny Hazenpshazen@gmail.com5M6HCXEZ7AGPW01AdminFirefox 43.0Display & Sort issuesWe are on a call with 16 participants but three do not show up on the maestro screenNone2016-03-15 17:32:04
Michelle Vezeauk.rust@sympatico.caFV5CDB9IVZBGH66JAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.87Breakouts, Cues, Tones10 people were put in two groups of 5 - but the result was a group of 4 and a group of 6. I manually changed it to 5 and 5. But it went back to 4 and 6 and I once again had to change it to 5 and 5 manually. Also one person was cut off several times - sometimes she could hear what was going on but couldnt talk. There were several other incidents of people ending up in private groups etc etc. like the system was not working well at allNone2016-03-15 18:50:04
Linda Barklbark7777@aol.comVKCJV4DDDZFNITWPresenterSafari 6.0.5Disconnection & Responsivenessdashboard slow...difficulty to lead class...unmute people. someone fell off bridge again tonight. None2016-03-17 18:43:27
Michele Colondrmscolon@msn.comRLA6C2FI7DI6J0P0AdminChrome 49.0.2623.87OtherMusic will not shut off!None2016-03-18 13:18:58
sara qureshisqureshi@folio3.comCD4FFAM1IMMVPT6AdminChrome 49.0.2623.87OtherTesting [QA]Screenshot2016-03-22 00:28:23
Cindy Coverdalecindycoverdale@me.com35484CF7EADLPRMHAssistantSafari 9.0.2Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2016-03-22 17:17:19
Heidi Ochtrupinfo@wisdomofthewhole.comA8CKN053DS8ZC7HZPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.87Disconnection & Responsivenesskeep getting a distracting message that our connection is lost- but it is not. Just the irritating messageNone2016-03-22 17:35:11
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.comQNEBJ92S9A4MK9LUAdminChrome 49.0.2623.87OtherReceiving message... a few of us on dashboard in different places in the world that the internet connection is not working. We all refreshed our browser but it is still happening. Are you having issues? I do not have screen shot as it already happened just the once, not an issue... but now to 3 of us on dashboard and 5 times in total. Thank YouNone2016-03-22 17:39:38
Aubreyaubrey@maestroconference.comIQ3F9PNU1Q01Y1PresenterChrome 49.0.2623.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhen putting people into breakouts the CI would not respond until I tried 8 times. Eventually it worked. Please investigate. None2016-03-24 12:43:22
Michellemichelles@gemisphere.comLJNJV513EGP5GKIPPresenterFirefox 45.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessI keep getting a notice that I have lost connection to the internet. I have not lost connect though. None2016-03-29 17:27:32
Rani Mahelonamydoterradream@gmail.comLCNKKNNGEEMXSJY8PresenterChrome 49.0.2623.110OtherNot able to conduct the call even though I am calling in as presenter.None2016-03-30 21:51:47
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comTFYXD2N446W6BD4HPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.110OtherParticipant sent email: "I keep getting a message with "connecting..." and then "[pubIdentity] is not a valid Public identity"None2016-03-31 10:00:41
Sandisslough@ipeccoaching.com2EH00X4GRVHGOAHHAssistantInternet Explorer 11.0Disconnection & Responsivenesswe kept getting a message that we had lost internet connection but we had not. Additionally, one of our participants was talking and was randomly sent to a breakout room. It took quite some time to get him to be able to share.None2016-04-05 17:54:58
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.com8MZY9ZVKXUSF12DAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.110Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was driver for this call, multiple disconnects of the Conductor Interface starting around 5:29pm PT. Between two computers on 2 separate internet lines, I had 20-30 disconnect pop-ups. Most were in a 10-15 min window at the bottom of the hour (load issue? They diminished in frequency after that but increased again around the top of the hour. I might file a Parallel call report on second computer so you have that info there too.None2016-04-05 18:29:42
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.com8MZY9ZVKXUSF12DAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.110Disconnection & ResponsivenessThis is a parallel issue report from second computer. I experienced CI drops on both lines. Repeat of previous comments: I was driver for this call, multiple disconnects of the Conductor Interface starting around 5:29pm PT. Between two computers on 2 separate internet lines, I had 20-30 disconnect pop-ups. Most were in a 10-15 min window at the bottom of the hour (load issue? They diminished in frequency after that but increased again around the top of the hour. I might file a Parallel call report on second computer so you have that info there too.None2016-04-05 18:32:19
Brianbrian@replenishpdx.comF8QQGN0KI10KF96WAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.110Breakouts, Cues, TonesMessage from a participant: my break out group worked, but a heads up that none of the photos/names of those in the groups on the webinar page showed the correct people. In previous events it always showed the correct people.None2016-04-06 11:09:41
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.com7B536D4GKHEE9N10AdminChrome 49.0.2623.110Disconnection & ResponsivenessCi keep getting non responsiveness pop up errorsNone2016-04-07 17:44:37
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgFJOGXNBENAKAWWNPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.110Audio QualityBreakout group 1 has a terrible echo.None2016-04-09 15:38:08
Lynn MathersLynn@philipburley.comJNGKA7S3SVPZYOLPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.110PIN issuesI am one of 2 presenters. The other presenter, the main one, was Philip Burley. He could NOT get in at all, which was a MAJOR DISASTER. This was only a practice session for the "real thing" which will be Monday night, but Philip was extremely upset that not only could he NOT get in with the number and PIN he was assigned, but each time he tried each one of the alternate phone numbers, he was also cut off after inputting his PIN and #. Why would NONE of the access numbers work with his PIN#? This absolutely must not happen in the future. As a temporary workaround, we created a "3rd Presenter" position after the session started, which assigned a new number and PIN, and using that, he could finally get in. But if any of our clients has this problem, it will be a disaster, as they are paying good money to attend these classes!!!! Philip is upset and displeased with this test of the system.None2016-04-10 18:28:56
Christyc.esmahan@gmail.comV4RQMIE27XXOC5B8PresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Display & Sort issuesmaestro conductor interface keeps fading outNone2016-04-12 19:25:37
Christyc.esmahan@gmail.comV4RQMIE27XXOC5B8PresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Disconnection & ResponsivenessThis call was awful! The one I was on earlier was great but both hosts, me in Texas and the other one in CA kept losing connectivity with the interface.None2016-04-12 19:47:05
Colleen Walsh-Boumancolleen@theshiftnetwork.comW32CKFWET2SL7C7KAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.112Audio QualityThis afternoon during a class with the Shift Network, not this one but one at 12pacific.... many of the persons with webphones... could not hear the presenter... and then they themselves could not be heard during breakout. It was very disruptive to the class. None2016-04-13 17:07:44
KatieKatieM@spiritrock.orgDT00USJEO7ALME4KAdminChrome 49.0.2623.111Audio QualityThe presenter keeps cutting out. I am in the same room, and she is connected by phone - land line. But her mic keeps cutting outNone2016-04-15 12:30:32
Christyc.esmahan@gmail.comQKP6CDUKVM9IR3WAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.112Audio Qualityvery choppy sound during the entire call--it sounded like a record that was skipping in the backgroundNone2016-04-18 20:44:40
Michelle Smithmichelles@gemisphere.com8EDDPQRVP2NA6KOFAdminFirefox 45.0OtherThe new "join by computer" option in the reminder emails is causing chaos, uncertainty and insane interruptions in my teleclasses. I have been using you guys for over 2 years now and this new addition is making it almost impossible to get people on the same page when calling in. None2016-04-19 18:09:17
Debilyndebilyn.molineaux@gmail.comSDDO5W1CG4AKAGUQPresenterSafari 9.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe lost sound for three people and two were disconnected during our call. Screenshot2016-04-20 12:08:19
Colleen Walsh-Boumancolleen@theshiftnetwork.comMH08RQA2B6KQIT25AdminChrome 49.0.2623.112Audio QualityWebphone... participants on webphone today have the audio breaking up constantly. I know this is an issue you are all working on, and sure hope you will get this fixed soon. Thank YOU. None2016-04-20 13:07:35
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comBLDCMVO58NITA6RSAssistantChrome 50.0.2661.75Breakouts, Cues, TonesLIVE CALL - audio cues not working, need immediate attention, participants arriving in <15 minutes None2016-04-21 17:26:26
Christyc.esmahan@gmail.comK8701FRONKQ0NNUPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Audio Qualitythere is a staticky sound on the callNone2016-04-23 13:35:22
reporters@gmail.com12M7O7O8XRX498PEPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Audio QualitytestingScreenshot2016-04-27 05:02:02
Charlie Rebichcharlierebich@gmail.comIBME8RQSFNHASPEPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112OtherThe in Social Webinar feature which normally notifies you if someone is in Social Webinar or not has stopped working recently. I notice people are in Social Webinar but in the Conductor Interface it says they are not. I noticed this today on my demo call.Screenshot2016-04-28 09:58:32
Brian Hedgpethbrian@replenishpdx.comF8QQGN0KI10KF96WAssistantChrome 50.0.2661.86OtherA participant (Julia Markova) is chatting and her chats are coming into the chat panel as the name Zaneta Kremsa. Julia Markova shows she is in attendance under her assigned phone/pin combo.None2016-05-04 10:05:47
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comGOO4J8832X5PKRFUPresenterChrome 50.0.2661.94PIN issuesToday a caller reported significant problems accessing the call. This is a weekly ongoing call so they have been here many, many previous occasions. Reported that PIN 447814 did not work upon multiple redials, or got hold music when did get in (the group WAS interacting at that time). A second participant in the same household tried her extra PIN, 472827, and also had issues, including the message that "you are the only participant in this conference" at 13 minutes after our starting time. Eventually they got in at about 14 min past top of hour. Reported to me that between the two of them, they tried 7-8 times total. Callers are from Ottowa, Canada. They were on Skype when then finally got on, although they might have also tried a cell phone in the mix. Participant names "Maya Bobrowska and Carl, Beata" and also attempted as "Beata Wiatrowska."None2016-05-07 11:16:38
Amyamyi@theshiftnetwork.com4BUWW2FNYVMOWZDEAssistantSafari 9.0.3Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was hosting a call and all the sound cut out. I had to hang up and call back in!None2016-05-11 18:18:04 50.0.2661.94Microphone control / responsivenessThere is a bad echo for the facilitator, when the one participants mic is on public. He is calling in from Zimbabwe on PIN 495497. There is also a delay in the Staff chat window messages appearing.None2016-05-12 00:59:04
Sherri Pulajoyeveryday@sympatico.ca82NKAQLSHVCZMTTAAssistantSafari 9.0.3Breakouts, Cues, TonesThe audio cue "Breakout Begin" sounded twice when I pressed it once. This happened with the "1 Minute" cue during an event last week as well.None2016-05-16 17:24:41
Melissa Kieffermelissakieffer@gmail.comM75ZPETYLERGFWXPPresenterChrome 50.0.2661.102Microphone control / responsivenesstestNone2016-05-19 08:38:56
Colleen Walsh-Boumancolleen@theshiftnetwork.comYELHIHX6PKUOVFWAdminChrome 50.0.2661.102OtherWEBPHONE... I had at least 4 callers that could not be heard using the webphone. I did suggest they call back in, which they did and not all of them had success as they still could not be heard. It makes always for a not very successful breakout groups. I know you are all working on this so wishing you much success at getting the webphone working well! Thank YOUNone2016-05-24 14:24:33
Lion Goodmanliongoodman@gmail.comOQWOKH84M72T8WAPresenterChrome 50.0.2661.102Microphone control / responsivenessHelp! I cant hear anyone else, and they can hear me!None2016-05-31 10:16:02
Rachel remt8@hotmail.com1O60RA662J7ONIZVAssistantFirefox 46.0Audio QualityWithin breakout, a squelching noiseNone2016-05-31 11:03:27
Deannageneralmanager@coachville.comMRL7KXRF2S5F610NAssistantFirefox 46.0Audio QualityVolume is crazy LOWNone2016-06-02 11:16:18
Lisa Chaconsupport@soulsourceblueprint.comVVEQBM96T7RVBJ9AdminChrome 51.0.2704.63Audio QualityWe are getting some horrible sharp beeping intermittently on this callNone2016-06-08 12:21:24
Betsy Blockbetsy@b3consults.comSXZ84CA7IWAOPNAKAdminChrome 50.0.2661.102Audio Qualitylots of feedback on the lineNone2016-06-08 19:12:57
Anthony Jardinaanthony@maestroconference.comWJ31BUPT3QLFI50APresenterChrome 50.0.2661.102Display & Sort issuesPoll view circle is showing 100% when 1 is pressed. If another number is pressed it shows about 1/5 of the circle. None2016-06-15 13:50:21
Audrey Chrisleraudrey@billbaren.com4DZ93QQI7AZXK6SBAssistantChrome 48.0.2564.116OtherWe cannot get social webinar screensharing to activate None2016-06-15 15:59:05
sara qureshisqureshi@folio3.comPDAHXJBK1ZPOIM9WPresenterChrome 51.0.2704.84Breakouts, Cues, TonesTesting from CIScreenshot2016-06-17 00:57:50
sara qureshisqureshi@folio3.comPDAHXJBK1ZPOIM9WAdminChrome 51.0.2704.84Breakouts, Cues, Tonestesting from CINone2016-06-17 01:07:48
]mary huyckemarykohl@gmail.com2ZNROWHZR5N8VLFMPresenterSafari 9.1.1Breakouts, Cues, Tonescreated breakout groups and clicked "commit." The screen showed that people were in breakout groups, but they were not. All mikes were still public. Manual switching of individual mikes to "breakout" still had all voices present. We retried the breakout group formation 3 times and it happened each time.None2016-06-21 16:11:02
mary huyckemarykohl@gmail.com2ZNROWHZR5N8VLFMPresenterSafari 9.1.1OtherOne participant, although listed as registered, did not receive email with phone number and pin. None2016-06-21 16:12:36
Loren Martinloren@theshiftnetwork.comOHEUCAFTX5J3ZOAdminChrome 50.0.2661.102OtherI had a participant who has been using the MC webphone to dial into the calls notify me that she has not been able to press numbers/raise her hand on her webphone keypad for several weeks. With further discussion I found out she was using Google Chrome. She said when using Chrome she would click on the number to raise her hand the number would highlight blue and look as if it was stuck. On my end I could not see her raising her hand(pressing a number). So tonight she tried Firefox mid-call and I could see her hand raised right away. She had no issues pressing numbers on the MC webphone keypad while using Firefox. Thanks so much, LorenNone2016-06-21 18:47:07
Patty Ellispatty@beekmanadvisors.comJV4V22J1BOLDI8SAssistantChrome 51.0.2704.103Audio QualityNone2016-06-22 08:11:00
Patty Ellispatty@beekmanadvisors.comJV4V22J1BOLDI8SAssistantChrome 51.0.2704.103Audio QualityNone2016-06-22 08:22:41
Samadsamad.bukhari@maestroconference.comU4C8BD64WUTFV9V1AdminChrome 49.0.2623.112Microphone control / responsivenesstest 1None2016-06-23 10:40:57
Gwenda Joycegwenda@artambassador.netE5CEYIZFVFMPFJIPresenterChrome 51.0.2704.103Display & Sort issuesMy participants are not seeing the screen!None2016-06-27 17:07:29
Ken Butigankenbutigan@gmail.comZ80BWB76UPW5KCNAssistantSafari 9.1.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2016-06-28 17:49:36
courtney kingcourtney@coachingbycourtney.comDWLQXXZESAJSZ33PresenterSafari 9.1.1PIN issuesCarmel Ashton had a lot of difficulty getting into the call tonight. Her pin was not accepted the first time each time she called in. She kept having to call in b/c she kept getting dropped from the bridge. She then used the backup number and pin with the same results. She also tried calling in through Skype, home phone, and cell phone and all had the same pin and getting dropped problems. None2016-06-28 18:57:56
Megan Eimerman-Wallacemegan@weareultraviolet.orgDDQUHHSFS80GBBYOAdminSafari 9.1.1OtherMy staff were receiving a busy signal when they were trying to call in to a conference line number.None2016-07-05 08:04:58
alan robyalan@billbaren.com4DZ93QQI7AZXK6SBAdminChrome 51.0.2704.103Audio Qualityhow do i stop a recording that is currently playingNone2016-07-07 11:46:59
Gwenda Joycegwenda@artambassador.netE5CEYIZFVFMPFJIPresenterChrome 51.0.2704.103Audio QualityNone2016-07-11 16:43:24
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.com2AXNUF5TH1KFBN5LAssistantChrome 51.0.2704.103Microphone control / responsivenessSURJ paid for 2000 lines and people are having a hard time getting on the call. conductor: 18:11:08
Will Richardsonwillemail@aol.comB13TNWV13E6ZZZHVAssistantSafari 9.1.1OtherAnnie Sims, when she calls in with her number and pin cannot access the call.None2016-07-16 13:16:47
Amy Hyattamy@8shields.org0F6NOW7S8LHC4VPresenterFirefox 48.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessEveryone on our calls just got booted off the call. We are about to start a conference call. Several volunteer assistants experienced a busy signal calling in before finally being able to call back in.None2016-07-19 16:05:59
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.com0PWBYXLC0CTX0CBMAssistantChrome 51.0.2704.103OtherDialing In - several of our students had a hard time getting on the call - managed to get in about 20 minutes into the class. fyiNone2016-07-19 16:26:47
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.com0PWBYXLC0CTX0CBMAssistantChrome 51.0.2704.103OtherSeveral people still cannot get on the call - and many are dropping off and on. (just sent a diff ticket - thought it was solved, but apparently not)None2016-07-19 16:30:13
Amy Hyattamy@8shields.org0F6NOW7S8LHC4VPresenterFirefox 48.0Audio QualityJust debriefing a conference call - several of our assistants reported that the audio quality was in out. They were experiencing digital sounds of voices trailing off and coming back into clarity. They initially thought it was just a bad connection, but when one shared and others said "yeah, I had that too," we began to wonder if it was Maestro server issue. None2016-07-19 17:57:19
Stephanie AzariaStephanieAzaria23@gmail.comTOHUDTUDY7AZRQHJPresenterChrome 51.0.2704.103Display & Sort issuescant get the presenter to work for screenshare!None2016-08-08 16:07:52
Rachel Taccariellora.tacca@gmail.com1O60RA662J7ONIZVAssistantFirefox 47.0Audio Qualitytwo participants raised hands at the same time and there was a horrible buzzing noiseNone2016-08-09 10:33:13
Cathy Holtcathyfholt@gmail.comPERE9O0J9KBLOI4TPresenterFirefox 47.0Audio Qualityno sound??None2016-08-11 16:00:58
lindalbark7777@aol.comTY9M3K407SK8KPQ6PresenterChrome 43.0.2357.130Audio Qualitycant turn off musicNone2016-08-11 16:58:06
Lynn SparrowLynn@trendvest.comSAPUKFK4M59PARTYPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Otherbutton to turn music off is not turning it offNone2016-08-12 05:42:34
Gwenda Joycegwenda@artambassador.netE5CEYIZFVFMPFJIPresenterChrome 52.0.2743.116Display & Sort issuesnot getting into Social Webinar to lead presentation from dashboardNone2016-08-15 16:53:22
Rosemary Senjemrsenjem@birthcenteraccreditation.orgPLNB80040H1QEMPRPresenterChrome 52.0.2743.116OtherPhone calls with 916 area code keep getting disconnected!!None2016-08-18 16:01:35
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.comBPJ9LV9DVDW0TOAdminChrome 52.0.2743.116Audio Qualitywebphone giving audio issues where the webphone participant keeps breaking up. She calls back in but keeps breaking up. very unpleasant experience for the participants..... None2016-08-31 13:42:40
Dan Parisdanielp@byreferralonly.com5C8XOFQW3TQFCK2PresenterChrome 52.0.2743.116Audio Qualityaudio is gone we have 150 people None2016-09-02 09:14:27
Audrey Seymouraudrey@clearchangegroup.comBM0WHSTMJDLF45H4PresenterChrome 52.0.2743.116Disconnection & ResponsivenessThis has been happening every time I used maestro lately - one of the presenters get dropped from the call . Today Beth Scanzani was dropped at 12:02pm, on a Gathering call for the True Purpose Institute.None2016-09-07 12:03:02
Craigcraigscig@gmail.comBI1E3ZEUFKWW9EU4AdminChrome 52.0.2743.116OtherHello, People are having trouble logging into the call by phone. They are getting an error saying that the call is not available or all lines are busy. None2016-09-12 17:40:23
Regenaregena@reclaimyouressence.comT456DZXG31BDWDQPresenterChrome 52.0.2743.116Breakouts, Cues, TonesThe breakout groups merged and people were talking over each other and a woman who was in one group got put into another group without any admin movement. Eventually everyone just hung up because order disintegrated. None2016-09-21 10:17:00
tori@torihartman.comtori@torihartman.comNS9VATXBT4PHVOF4PresenterFirefox 48.0Audio Qualityno musicNone2016-09-24 07:57:47
Chelsey Winingercwininger@nvvictory2016.orgSD3MX7UBEA3OSI80AdminChrome 53.0.2785.116OtherTwo of my staffers need to log in to this account to run conference calls; however, when they attempt to log in (multiple times and with the correct information), they receive a message that says, "Access Denied". Both use Google Chrome (as do I, with no problems logging in). What options do we have? Thanks!None2016-09-28 16:09:06
Hilary McMichaelhilarymcmichael@gmail.comS5WP3M0YQWNH0WJ0AssistantFirefox 49.0Otheri can not connect with the webphone. I put in the pin and press the connect & nothing happens. Several times this has happened. So i am phoning with skype. Thanks for mending it.None2016-10-01 08:57:12
Rachel Madorskyrachelmadorsky@yahoo.comRCSC5MX5HZFK3M3LPresenterChrome 53.0.2785.116Breakouts, Cues, Toneshelp me now please break out groups!None2016-10-03 15:05:47
Danielsupercoop2461@gmail.comDC9C9TBWZOIT1MFFPresenterChrome 53.0.2785.143OtherLine is saying that it is at capacity? None2016-10-14 10:07:45
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comJPFMBZ24UY9BENWIPresenterChrome 53.0.2785.143Audio QualityOur call has excessive noise in the background. Sounds like it is air flowing or static. None2016-10-20 11:51:26
mabel odesseymgodessey@gmail.com5I7UPPS85K94DIWPresenterChrome 49.0.2623.112Otherno soundNone2016-10-25 10:06:45
Michael Maher mmaher@battlegroundtexas.com62WMNV020SJVITVAdminChrome 53.0.2785.143OtherNeed Screen Share to work/ explain how!!!!! None2016-10-28 09:16:48
testingtest@gmail.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UPresenterChrome 54.0.2840.71Display & Sort issuestesting with picture on ciScreenshot2016-11-08 03:05:31
testtest2@gmail.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.71Display & Sort issuestestingScreenshot2016-11-08 03:37:26
farazfaraz.bin.younus@nexdegree.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.71Otherfake bugNone2016-11-08 04:53:43
Muhammed Azharmuhammed.azhar@maestroconference.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherTestNone2016-11-08 23:15:40
Muhammed Azharmuhammed.azhar@maestroconference.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherTestNone2016-11-08 23:22:46
Muhammed Azharmuhammed.azhar@nexdegree.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherTestNone2016-11-08 23:23:33
Muhammed Azharmr_azhar2005@hotmail.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherTestNone2016-11-08 23:30:38
Muhammed Azharmr_azhar2005@hotmail.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherThis is testNone2016-11-08 23:37:52
Muhammed Azharmuhammed.azhar@nexdegree.comECK798Y3YHJMEV3UAdminChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherTestNone2016-11-08 23:38:31
test ngtest@gmail.comO8TD8174JGYRLENSPresenterChrome 54.0.2840.71Breakouts, Cues, TonestestingScreenshot2016-11-08 23:42:43
Steven G. BarnesSteveb@spiretech.com77ED0HLDYS7FATAAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.98OtherTeleconference was going fine and then suddenly everyone lost the audio. None2016-11-17 14:49:51
Nancy Farristeamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com6KXH8DHX8LC3BTIGAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.71OtherCall dropped HELP!!! None2016-11-17 14:52:49
Margaret Brownmargaretbrownnp@gmail.com60CF3AWQ2XKAEQBHAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.99Audio Qualityhelp. class in progress and lines "falling Off"None2016-11-17 14:54:29
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.com0C8S55WM5901PROZAdminChrome 54.0.2840.98Microphone control / responsivenessTHERE is NO SOUND while we were doing breakouts... even if I put the large mic or public mic on everyone! Screenshot2016-11-17 14:55:14
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.comKLRJDZQK77WG42CWAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.99Disconnection & Responsiveness FYI, We have had multiple drop offs tonight. On the bright side, we were in breakouts and they returned right to them when they called back. ALso a few call in problems, but I know already there were issues today.None2016-11-17 17:23:41
TESTtest@gmail.comWYZ8YX3Q8A0P29A2PresenterChrome 54.0.2840.99Breakouts, Cues, TonesNone2016-12-12 23:31:38
Hilary Badoianhbadoian@boardroomevents.comK1ING21EIFR33NNAdminChrome 54.0.2840.98OtherI need help getting the social share, presentation running. I start in 20 minutes. Please help!None2016-12-14 10:33:20
Nancy Rubynancyruby@yogamotion.comUWV2KSYHZ48VEOZFPresenterFirefox 50.0Microphone control / responsivenesshaving an echo problem and the call is liveNone2017-01-16 17:28:50
Frankfrancklin@t-online.deTDQG2WA0JAR75IJQAssistantChrome 49.0.2623.112Breakouts, Cues, TonesWe were hearing chimes during the conference again and again during the call without being able to switch the tone off. Is it possible that this comes from having recreated the conference from an old conference?None2017-01-18 13:19:21
Patti Dighpatti@pattidigh.com7VCWP7CI45HMXZMPresenterChrome 55.0.2883.95OtherI upgraded to 250 lines last week, and now the call is full at 75. None2017-01-18 17:22:02
Sylvie sylvie.curran@evolvingwisdom.com8DHT4SO1F9DMZGI4AdminChrome 55.0.2883.87PIN issuesI think it is a phone issue - we are getting a busy signal when trying to dial in!None2017-01-23 16:58:15
Rachel Taccarielloremt8@hotmail.com1O60RA662J7ONIZVAssistantChrome 54.0.2840.87Audio QualityVery poor quality, choppy for all callersNone2017-01-31 10:13:37
Candy Smithcandy@dpo.orgQAR63Z47RZWIHGF8AdminChrome 56.0.2924.87PIN issuesWeb Phone Not Working for our call.None2017-02-06 18:02:11
Patti Dighpatti@pattidigh.comCE15GY8RW8LR31VYPresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87OtherSocial webinar not loadingNone2017-02-08 16:30:34
Shana Kuhn-Siegelshana@foreveris.comIKUU04VW650GP3JAAdminChrome 55.0.2883.95Disconnection & ResponsivenessI got dropped from the call 8 minutes in at the same as another participant. This has happened before. Is this something that can be troubleshooted. Is there any additional info that you need? None2017-02-10 07:41:41
Bez Stonebez@bezstone.com2SNC8SSOC8ZE605PresenterChrome 55.0.2883.95Microphone control / responsivenessThe background music will not stop playing despite the button being clicked repeatedly and the color toggling from green to red. Help!None2017-02-13 19:01:23
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comDMSHKDPZIF8ODNG0PresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87Audio Qualitystatic on the line...None2017-02-14 09:30:57
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.comH45OSXFNOQF0AO2AssistantChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessHi - I am on the NYOC20 call (Leadership that works). Several people have been disconnected singly, and then suddenly 5 ppl all at once. They are back now - but writing you to let you know there is a problem. A call last night had similar problem.None2017-02-15 16:08:42
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.comH45OSXFNOQF0AO2AssistantChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessPresenter lost sound for several minutes, then got dropped. Multiple people getting dropped every few minutes.None2017-02-15 16:21:46
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comJPFMBZ24UY9BENWIPresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87Audio QualityStatic on lineNone2017-02-16 11:43:22
Shana Kuhn-Siegelyogawithshana@gmail.comIKUU04VW650GP3JAAdminChrome 56.0.2924.87Breakouts, Cues, TonesI was leading a call and got dropped several times as did my participants. This is making it impossible to have conferences using your platform. I have reached out before about the same problem and got no response. Please help. Thanks None2017-02-20 07:49:21
Mona Miles Koehlergmcinco@nwi.net63DSZBXHSEF0U437PresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87Othercannot get music to stopNone2017-02-22 17:08:38
Eric Trothetroth@yahoo.comMME5S7AT8WSWLJVPresenterChrome 57.0.2987.98OtherThe participant registration page for events is showing a new prompt tied to the event timer. It says, "This event started (x) minutes ago!" Since I open the call 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled starting time, this will give participants the mistaken impression that they are late. Participants come on after another broadcast event and are only given the breakout registration link at that time. When they register, they will be seeing a message that they are already 30+ minutes late. This is a bad idea. I talked about this with Barry and Aubrey on the Call Driver Lounge last Friday. I really hope that this confusion generator of a message gets changed.None2017-03-12 18:40:00
Mark Silvermark@heartofbusiness.comFPP08SPKF8LP67PresenterSafari 10.0.3Audio QualityWhile on a call, there was an ad for maestro playing on a loop with no obvious what to stop it. We had a small group and switched to skype instead- it was unusable. What was going on?None2017-03-14 08:58:00
Sarah Warrensarahw@byreferralonly.com324QUSIIEBVCNECXPresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87OtherIm unable to turn the music off in my current call. None2017-03-15 10:24:48
Prucia Buscellprucia@plexusinstitute.orgTDX49NBJM799U8SRAdminFirefox 40.0Otherno sound for 7 minutes at beginning of the call - strange interruptive soundsgthrough out the callNone2017-03-17 11:08:17
Melvamelva@georgiademocrat.orgS7NET5IHSHQ3QX01AssistantMicrophone control / responsivenesskeep hearing echoNone2017-03-20 15:34:24
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comP4SA9VYHVOZQOGTAdminChrome 56.0.2924.87Microphone control / responsiveness8:30AM PDT conference. Deep Coaching Institute. Rod Gohil called in, but we cannot hear him. He is not on mute. Please help.None2017-03-23 08:48:17
Mauramkoutoujian@gmail.comDA5E513Y1RAPVUPresenterSafari 10.0.3OtherI was unable to call in on the number I use every week. It became a problem as I had to get another number to call in. One of the participants had the same phone number as me but with a different PIN. She got in and then dropped after 20 minutes. As the ADMIN and PRESENTER i want to make sure my call in number is correct. Can you help?None2017-03-23 11:02:52
Maryellen Myersmemyers@mac.comRP0ZKV048CA6SX7APresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87OtherI cannot hear the class members, but not on mute. None2017-03-29 05:31:03
Iyeshka Farmeriyeshka@iyeshka.comZ48T6KYWAIB0CIRZPresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87Audio QualityClicking sounds, disconnections, drop outs, for multiple participants. None2017-03-30 10:30:06
Aimee Van Cleaveaimee@wyodems.orgUA4JZJZKF17B7AYKAdminChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was personally disconnected several times and we had many participants that were disconnected repeatedly as well. None2017-03-30 18:57:23
Christopher Holmanchris.holman53@gmail.comPQKIG5CVQUA2I30BPresenterChrome 57.0.2987.98Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2017-04-05 09:08:05
Mary Elaine Kienerme@askmehouse.comBXDUTHOH3DF2BO3IAdminChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessIn the midst of leading a call, I have already been bumped at least 4 times [using my landline 517-484-3127]. I have now tried calling in on my cell phone [517-204-8970] and will see if I can stay present.None2017-04-05 09:22:55
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.comGS38DJWALR54CTFDAdminChrome 57.0.2987.133Audio Qualityin the last two days in 3 classes I have had a variety of participants that are not hearing over the webphone... it breaks up the teaching. Sure hope it will work better... Thank YOU... None2017-04-05 17:24:55
Patriciapatricia@evolutionarycollective.comTAPU44Q7EUNTGIK9PresenterChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessMultiple people experiencing fuzzy lines, getting dropped and sound cutting out.None2017-04-06 20:10:04
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comDMSHKDPZIF8ODNG0PresenterChrome 57.0.2987.133Disconnection & ResponsivenessThe entire call just ended itself in the middle around 11:20 CST. Everyone was kicked off both the web interface and the phone. Never had this happen before. None2017-04-11 09:26:13
Jackie Splainjsplainw@gmail.comH45OSXFNOQF0AO2AssistantChrome 57.0.2987.133Disconnection & Responsivenesstwo people keep getting dropped from call Laura McKelvie at least 6x also gave alternate no. at 7:30 Tomer Versano 4x dropped - gave alternate number c7:20 (510) 281 1111 ^^^ Both holding fast now at 7:50 but thought you should know of this issue.None2017-04-12 16:51:05
Shelleyaaliyah.haqq@stagen.comFRLX9BV5QG4CM06AdminChrome 57.0.2987.133Disconnection & ResponsivenessKeeps dropping ppl off the callNone2017-04-18 08:12:18
Nicole Baldaufnicole.c.baldauf@aphis.usda.govD0D44KO0ZHJTHOLOAssistantInternet Explorer 11.0Microphone control / responsivenessNone2017-05-03 11:52:31
Angela Camposacampos@njcedv.orgN6KGVQBD46XXVECPresenterChrome 57.0.2987.133Display & Sort issuesI can not share my screen. None2017-05-09 13:02:42
Iyeshka Farmeriyeshka@iyeshka.comZ48T6KYWAIB0CIRZPresenterChrome 57.0.2987.133Disconnection & ResponsivenessMy phone line was live, but I was not able to be heard on the call and was no longer on the conductor screen. Then was disconnected again later in the call. Other participant was disconnected. Another participant had big gaps in us being able to hear her audio; once it was audible, it played with clarity and at normal speed, but could see her mike light up long before we actually heard the audio. And assistant had big lags in responsiveness of the panel. All are seasoned Maestro users with over a year of weekly calls experience. None2017-05-11 10:44:25
Valerie Pittservalerie@fpg.comEUQWMBA9JURXPGMRAdminSafari 10.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessThe callers keep getting kicked off the call. Please help!None2017-05-11 13:05:33
Stephaniesbohnett@crrglobal.comLQW7T1LWBPM5FK45AdminChrome 58.0.3029.110Disconnection & ResponsivenessPin 687715 and 691667 keep getting dropped. None2017-05-24 10:13:34
richardrichard@femininepower.com9DT1CXDJONRK4BAdminChrome 58.0.3029.110Disconnection & Responsivenessrestart/reboot/refresh: control panel not showing any callers / non-responsive! None2017-05-24 11:56:20
Alison Armstrongalisonprivate@earthlink.netI75V8M5J5XON66ZRPresenterFirefox 53.0Display & Sort issuesthe dashboard is blank and no one can be connected togetherNone2017-05-24 12:39:48
Scott Crossofacentralillinois@gmail.com11RBYIBA6BVXDJVAdminChrome 58.0.3029.110Microphone control / responsivenessI cannot get the music to shut off and I need to upgrade my service before a call in the next 45 minutes - please call me at 217-722-4882 ASAPNone2017-05-24 17:17:14
Meg Blackburn Loseyspiritlite1@aol.comA3MBZ9GVGIPMBVRTAdminSafari 10.1.1Otherwe cannot sign in the system keeps propagating repeat numbers so all are getting the same oneNone2017-06-04 08:07:47
testtest@mailinator.comE52MCEAABU0TLCCAAssistantChrome 58.0.3029.110OtherLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi vel risus quis dolor feugiat efficitur at ac nulla. Maecenas lobortis ipsum ligula, dapibus mattis neque posuere sed. Nam vitae sodales ipsum, eget eleifend tellus. Suspendisse sit amet ultrices eros, quis sagittis ipsum. Mauris congue enim sed ante aliquet vulputate. Duis a ante semper, porta odio ac, fringilla odio. Donec condimentum nunc a tellus vulputate mattis pharetra non lorem. Phasellus ullamcorper lacinia dui. Curabitur libero turpis, lobortis eu urna et, suscipit ornare dolor. Nunc congue malesuada elit sed sodales. Sed ligula nibh, sollicitudin in sapien in, mattis feugiat mauris. Nunc augue nisl, rutrum in odio a, luctus volutpat lacus. Cras eget tellus sit amet orci imperdiet bibendum quis non orci. Suspendisse gravida tellus ac lectus condimentum varius. Duis consequat nibh tincidunt posuere pellentesque. Morbi dapibus diam sed erat gravida eleifend. Curabitur gravida lorem id quam mollis molestie massa nunc.None2017-06-12 02:26:46
testtest@mailinator.comE52MCEAABU0TLCCAAdminChrome 58.0.3029.110OthertestNone2017-06-12 02:28:29
Kate350198@gmail.comEDYOKLAONCK5H339AdminChrome 58.0.3029.110OtherNo one is there, including me. We are now 8 min late for our conference. Please help!!None2017-06-12 08:36:32
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comHMGU7LNK9BE2I541PresenterChrome 58.0.3029.110OtherAll of us are calling in and connecting, however we cannot hear each other. I cannot see anyone in the dashboard - including myself. We are using a reservationless conference that we use without problems monthly. Deep Coaching Institute. Partner Call.None2017-06-12 08:39:21
Peggypeggy@theinvisibleclose.comBRY0XRWQ9GTE0QVQAssistantChrome 58.0.3029.110OtherURGENT! We have a call scheduled right now and people are dialing in, but not showing up on the dashboard, and no one can hear anything. can you help??None2017-06-12 09:27:30
Angelaangela@theinvisibleclose.comBRY0XRWQ9GTE0QVQAssistantChrome 58.0.3029.110OtherNo one was able to dial in and register as being on the call. we had several members call in and the line showed empty the whole time and we could not hear each other. Please help.None2017-06-12 09:30:06
Donna Fedordonna@donnafedor.com1PY6QMAGFGE0A86SPresenterFirefox 53.0OtherNothing is showing up on the screen None2017-06-12 17:34:20
LYNETTE MCCLAINLYNETTE.MCCLAIN@GMAIL.COM52MP3CPPZNH2J0C0AdminChrome 56.0.2924.87Disconnection & ResponsivenessCant see screen. Cant hear anyone None2017-06-12 18:28:42
Brent Martinbrentus33@gmail.comYMYR3BCIJ0S3L0E1PresenterChrome 58.0.3029.110Disconnection & ResponsivenessI got kicked out during the call. Started with listeners suddenly couldnt hear me. Then the system kicked me off the call.None2017-06-22 13:35:51
BonniePSYCHIC@PSYCHICBONNIEJEAN.COMSLWOL4X91BYH1BFHAdminFirefox 54.0Breakouts, Cues, TonesGroups could not hear each otherNone2017-06-24 18:55:13
Willwill.parmelee@evolvingwisdom.com92NMTA3QKM3SBCIAdminChrome 56.0.2924.76Microphone control / responsivenessCannot pause maestro musicNone2017-06-28 16:37:35
Audrey Seymouraudrey@clearchangegroup.comBM0WHSTMJDLF45H4PresenterChrome 59.0.3071.115Breakouts, Cues, TonesWe formed the groups, and then without touching anything, suddenly everyone was in one large breakout group. So we had to redo the groups. And, some of our callers reported being dropped.None2017-07-05 13:08:07
Marie Adamsmarieadams366@gmail.com0ICIF52XEMFL8XVUAssistantChrome 59.0.3071.115Microphone control / responsiveness One of our callers is mute although her mike is publicNone2017-07-18 16:21:52
Steven G. Barnesstvbarnes72@gmail.comULD7QBBGF8X6L9IEAssistantFirefox 54.0OtherFor months, when I call in with the latest call-in # and pin I get a message that the pin is not recognized, I call in again with the same call-in and pin and it will tell me the call is not scheduled yet (I am calling in 25 minutes or 10 minutes before the call is scheduled). Then I call with the same call-in and pin and it says "you will now be connected". I am concerned that our audience will not know that they have to call in multiple times to get on the call.None2017-07-20 12:21:30
Michelle Deatrickmichelle@michelledeatrick.comIIYEV24HTGUYC2YGPresenterChrome 59.0.3071.115OtherI cannot turn off the musicNone2017-07-23 16:40:41
Michele Colondrmscolon@msn.com81Q699MIGVEU6O0PresenterChrome 59.0.3071.115Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2017-07-24 12:37:50
bonniebonniejean@psychicbonniejean.comPV7K66S7C0C104IAPresenterFirefox 54.0Breakouts, Cues, TonesThe turn off music is not working. The buttonNone2017-07-25 08:59:43
Bob Penalozabobp@2xlconcepts.comOCC2RYDL285RC6D0AdminChrome 59.0.3071.115OtherNone2017-07-26 09:41:47
Rhett Davisrhett.davis@pathways.comKAICJYZ7Y8UJT619AssistantChrome 59.0.3071.115Otherattendees get busy signal. No one shows up on the interface even if they manage to get on the call.Screenshot2017-08-02 09:05:32
Jon Benferjbenfer@arbinger.comCMK5XIPEQ6GI7RH1PresenterFirefox 54.0OtherComplete line failure. None2017-08-02 09:55:14
Anna SontagAnna@FullLifePrograms.orgM42X87DVIHZMEDSAssistantChrome 60.0.3112.90Microphone control / responsivenessNo audioNone2017-08-23 10:31:38
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comD2UFSI79GSDE73SAPresenterChrome 60.0.3112.113Audio QualityCarla Van Stralen (a participant) has had a lot of background noise over the sessions. When I do not have her on mute, when others speak, there is noise. When I put her on mute and others speak, there is no noise. Please let me know why and what MC can do to correct the problem. her Pin is 478440; her webphone is 9127013. Thank you.None2017-09-05 12:33:29
Kirsten L Farriskirsten@kirstenfarris.comRFHERY0MG74K7JTSAdminChrome 60.0.3112.101Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe are having a session with breakout groups and have had several- people getting dropped out of their groups.None2017-09-07 12:29:33
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comD2UFSI79GSDE73SAPresenterChrome 60.0.3112.113Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe are not connected. Presenters were on the call. Participants were on the call, but we could not see them. Help now!!!!!None2017-09-12 10:37:31
russ mckencryruss@mckendry.coYUFABM3TOWIDM1U5PresenterFirefox 55.0OtherNone2017-09-12 11:07:59
Mark Silvermark@heartofbusiness.com7IZ9P54LJNKA1ISKAdminChrome 60.0.3112.113Display & Sort issuesURGENT!!! No one is showing on the dashboard!None2017-09-12 11:24:00
Sharon Eakesseeakes@arbinger.comLFOE2SX1JSGACNZEAdminFirefox 55.0OtherNo one could get on the call, including the presenters. 11 am PT for the Arbinger Coaching Network 9/12/18None2017-09-12 11:28:50
Brent Martinbrentus33@gmail.comURXVB4V9JIT1DGAdminChrome 60.0.3112.113OtherYour software rarely works correctly. No one could get on the call today. Your support is terrible for situations like this. So dumb we are paying this much and no support when it breaks.None2017-09-17 11:33:37
Cat Rowlandcat@gangaji.orgLE1WCTC4YQ2ES4MAdminSafari 10.1.2OtherComplete fail on our 11am PDT meeting. Tests in the preceeding hour were perfect but at start time the interface, the call itself, and Maestro website not functioning in a usable way. we have to reschedule :(None2017-09-17 11:38:37
Shanashana@foreveris.comWVUZ45GJYWM4WOACPresenterOpera 47.0.2631.80OtherNobody is showing up in conductor. We have a scheduled conference, but the conductor is blank.None2017-09-25 07:33:17
Donna Fedordonna@resultsthinking.comXR4JLB2TETMHYN9QPresenterFirefox 55.0OtherNo one is displayed on the screen and cannot conduct conference please advise Screenshot2017-09-25 07:40:39
Joel Youngjoel@nonpersonalawareness.comVUX3207TJ6X1XLEPresenterChrome 59.0.3071.115Microphone control / responsivenessMic keeps jumping from breakout to public :/None2017-09-25 11:27:21
Lion Goodmanliongoodman@gmail.comWPBPVN1CJMG65AV7PresenterSafari 11.0Microphone control / responsivenessNOTHING IS WORKING!None2017-09-25 11:28:18
Brentbrentus33@gmail.com60SJ8YN09CPJ1XTGPresenterChrome 60.0.3112.113OtherOnce again, the conference is NOT WORKING! Wheres the support???None2017-09-25 11:56:11
Holly Moorehmoore@stormontvail.orgKI9H8AV5GR74M73PresenterChrome 60.0.3112.78Display & Sort issuesName not showing up on the call list.None2017-10-03 10:37:14
Nancynancy.chrisman@gmail.comCMWUI83204DUBGALPresenterChrome 61.0.3163.100Display & Sort issuesNo one showing on the online platform None2017-10-03 10:56:14
Jeremyjeremy@strategicintervention.comCYSQ230BR4FESXSOAssistantChrome 61.0.3163.100Disconnection & ResponsivenessEntire call dropped about 55 minutes in. None2017-10-03 13:12:34
Brian Hedgpethbrian@fxnalliance.comKP4YS65FO1B9C8XAssistantChrome 61.0.3163.91Audio QualityCaller unable to hear after repeated call in attempts.None2017-10-04 09:31:01
masonmason@facultydiversity.orgOV8J2A5P3UGV4EQSAssistantChrome 60.0.3112.113Disconnection & ResponsivenessOur presenter is getting cut in and out and we keep losing her audio and then she comes back. We are in the midst of a call. None2017-10-05 12:01:31
Shayla Nunnallyshayla.nunnally@uconn.eduWCCMNLVHVCGET1LPresenterChrome 61.0.3163.100Microphone control / responsivenessMy participants are unable to speak with me. No one is on the call but I see them as being on the WebinarNone2017-10-06 12:56:40
Shayla Nunnallyshayla.nunnally@uconn.eduWCCMNLVHVCGET1LPresenterChrome 61.0.3163.100Microphone control / responsivenessissues sill with audioNone2017-10-06 13:11:21
Mary Elaine Kienerme@askmehouse.com9812VKTK3SROVFG2AdminChrome 61.0.3163.100Disconnection & ResponsivenessOne of the participants - Selene - got bumped off the system repeatedly during the call. Also, I had great difficulty getting into the computer interface at the beginning of the call. Perhaps it was at my end, but the browser bar was very slow in loading and kept saying the connection was not secure. None2017-10-08 17:32:26
Dandanielp@byreferralonly.comTNP3A5M40PMBRQDPPresenterChrome 61.0.3163.100Audio QualityWe have no audio in our sessionNone2017-10-11 10:01:03
Jessicajessica.zhang@alairhomes.com2P1Q0YP5GOXVFPQAdminSafari 11.0Audio QualityWe cannot unmute mics None2017-10-11 11:57:25
Sarah Dobrovolnysarah@heartofgoldhealing.comVZTF28MMMUONBYCAdminChrome 61.0.3163.100OtherI spent 10 minutes on a reservationless conference call. Several of the other participants contacted me. All indicated that the conference was indicating that they were the only one on the call. As the Admin and presenter, no one was showing on the screen, or on the call itself. The music was not able to be turned off. I logged out of the computer and back in several times, it was the same issue each time. When I tried to disconnect the call and call back in, it terminated the conference.None2017-10-16 18:05:27
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.com1I23DRISN5E836UBAdminChrome 61.0.3163.100Audio QualityJust seems that many participants on the call were having webphone issues. Some participants reported hearing the wait music in the middle of the class. None2017-10-26 13:14:38
Bonniebonniejean@psychicbonniejean.comGGPYQI2DNOBTUT7FAdminMicrophone control / responsivenessIt is not letting me turn off the musicNone2017-11-02 16:45:45
Sarasara.qureshi@maestroconference.com9VJW6BRUCRSFFX2APresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132OtherNone2018-01-11 23:13:35
sara qureshisqureshi@folio3.com9VJW6BRUCRSFFX2APresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExceltestScreenshot2018-01-11 23:14:25
sara qureshisqureshi@folio3.com9VJW6BRUCRSFFX2APresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExceltestScreenshot2018-01-11 23:14:50
11@g.com9VJW6BRUCRSFFX2APresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to Excelrun testScreenshot2018-01-11 23:17:24
Barry Bettmanbbettman@gmail.comA29ITYWLMWWLER1XAssistantChrome 63.0.3239.132OtherTesting report an issue to see if I get an email back with the zen desk ticket numberNone2018-01-12 11:37:14
Jeff Huhtmacherjeff@maestroconference.comWNDD571154IINKIGPresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Breakouts, Cues, TonestestNone2018-01-16 14:04:42
Kevinkkeefe@westbridge.orgHX45IO63V5YXHIJSPresenterInternet Explorer 11.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessCallers are receiving a "all circuits busy" and are not able to call in... None2018-01-18 14:47:02
Hale Dwoskinhaled@sedona.comZGYJMPVMNBOPC3E3PresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Display & Sort issuesNo one including me is appearing in my conference? I can not conduct it and I am supposed to be leading a live conference now. Please help. ThanksNone2018-01-22 17:54:35
testtest@n.comOX9SDCPAAAW2EE5PresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132OthertestScreenshot2018-01-25 02:16:48
Debora J Seidmandeborasei@gmail.comMBJ1W4HPNQU0KD5IPresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Disconnection & Responsivenessone of my callers, calling in via webphone, keeps getting dropped off the call, she also called and we could not hear herNone2018-01-29 10:42:21
aaron blackelchanonblack@gmail.com705ZB24B8C55TSXSAdminSafari 11.0.2Audio Qualityhow do i get rid of the damned music?None2018-02-08 13:47:27
Steve Mattussteve@heartofbusiness.comQ9BTZOBZDZXC45GNAdminChrome 64.0.3282.167Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe can all dial in but no one can hear each other. None2018-02-15 09:28:05
Lori Toddlori.todd@thelegacycenter.comJSUDT1TVFL30U9WRPresenterFirefox 58.0OtherNo one could hear anyone else and everyone was told only one in conferenceNone2018-02-15 17:46:05
Michael Ippolitomichael@teamgood.org5QOYW5V44EX0PM4BAdminChrome 64.0.3282.167OtherTo whom it may concern, The text pad is not coming up. This is the third Maestro call in a row with the text pad is no longer populating. Usually I just need to sign into my gmail account & refresh the Visual Interface for the pad to pop up. Please advise. Thank you for your time & attention to this matter. Michael None2018-02-18 15:59:15
Kim Elperskim@msia.orgAT0XBQJNGTPZP9QPresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Audio QualityAlways loud hiss when using Web call feature. Also, today, 2/24, the student could not hear me and I had to call on phone. None2018-02-24 19:05:19
Debora J Seidmandeborasei@gmail.comMBJ1W4HPNQU0KD5IPresenterChrome 63.0.3239.132Disconnection & ResponsivenessI had trouble getting on the call today and so do my students. Last time the call got interupted mid way through and I could not get on, thanksNone2018-02-26 10:07:36
Maryellen Myersmemyers@mac.com3CBH12UNR00V6APQPresenterChrome 64.0.3282.167Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2018-02-27 07:03:44
Colleencolleen@theshiftnetwork.comBIXOGSKKXJI4MPKJAdminChrome 64.0.3282.167Disconnection & ResponsivenessToday just opening maestro was not easy.... had to give access to flash plug in which never normally gets asked. But now it keeps giving me this message and I do have a good internet connection so just letting you know there is something going on. Please do not disrupt the class that is currently working as it is happening now. Screenshot2018-02-27 12:12:33
Beccabecca@mamagenas.com5DW7UU9UHECD2XE0PresenterChrome 64.0.3282.186Othermusic is not working. the music button (that plays the guitar music when callers call-in) is not running right now. i have hung up and called back and quit the call and opened it again - still not working. green light for music is on, but no music is playing. can you remedy? iNone2018-03-07 08:52:28
Catcat@gangaji.orgJO1IP04ZIBWH3JWFAdminSafari 11.0.3Otherthe Maestro computer calls were not delivering any sound output. Input was fine. Reported on multiple locations, multiple PIN#sNone2018-03-11 12:05:12
Cris Greersimpledesigngirl@gmail.comA4LVPP054YYEWFLYPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181Disconnection & Responsivenesspeople keep getting kicked off our call None2018-03-23 12:20:07
Bonnie Jeanbonniejean@psychicbonniejean.comM2E90X4B8I1HASTPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181Breakouts, Cues, TonesIt is NOT letting me turn of the music - have a conference in 15 minutesNone2018-03-27 18:43:51
Alise Rodereraroderer@newleaderscouncil.orgZ6WKTDWQ9SC9QYKHPresenterSafari 11.0.3Audio QualityTerrible echoNone2018-04-02 17:52:50
JaimeJaimeMyers4pax@gmail.comY3ERP3X6AMDNY57QPresenterSafari 11.0.1Audio Qualitysound underwater None2018-04-03 10:50:17
James DiFalcojim.difalco@deepcoachinginstitute.comPWAWQ4VFD7WUJZASAdminChrome 65.0.3325.181Disconnection & ResponsivenessI have a person who connect connect to a conference. She is trying to use webphone via an iPad. Any thoughts?None2018-04-04 08:51:27
Jeff Hutmacher Testtest@maestroconference.comNGGP4573NHL764IVAdminChrome 65.0.3325.181Othertest None2018-04-06 09:51:42
jeff testtest@mail.comNGGP4573NHL764IVPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181Breakouts, Cues, TonestestNone2018-04-06 09:52:30
jessicajoycejessica@maestroconference.comNGGP4573NHL764IVPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181PIN issuestestNone2018-04-06 09:58:20
Jeff Hutmachertest@maestroconference.comNGGP4573NHL764IVPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181Audio QualitytestNone2018-04-06 09:58:39
Kristi Obmascherkristi.obmascher@wisc.edu10E3D5QEMUZGLGRPresenterInternet Explorer 11.0Audio QualityWe were not able to make our conference call work on Maestro due to the really poor audio. None2018-04-23 07:06:53
Bridgetbridget@marymorrissey.comEXLM9U2ZLFHKFAUCAssistantChrome 65.0.3325.181Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2018-04-24 15:07:10
Hale Dwoskinhaled@sedona.comQ3P8VBSMYW29LNKKPresenterChrome 65.0.3325.181Audio QualityThe audio quality of the call is so bad I just had to end a paid call with 50 people on it. All participants no matter how they called in sounded like they were under water.None2018-04-25 11:14:45
cristina@dcimmigrationhub.comcristina@dcimmigrationhub.comDFBAK0HT9Q3N7VSPresenterChrome 66.0.3359.117Audio QualityNone2018-04-25 12:03:53
Synthesis Centerval.silidker@gmail.comEE06CAFC0QDAN9BZPresenterChrome 66.0.3359.117Audio QualityChopping voices AND some of the names are coming in doubled up and/or wrongNone2018-04-25 18:02:56
Lenilhoppenworth@indivisibleil.com3VZQ3D6JJNI1EQAAdminSafari 11.1Audio QualityNone2018-04-25 18:13:09
Mark Dohertymarkjamesdesigns@gmail.comGGQR5MWT1XADSAFPresenterFirefox 59.0Audio QualityStopped call and had everyone call back in. Adjusted microphones.None2018-04-25 18:13:39
nancynanrukahnconsulting@gmail.comP4M56UEQVQOTN8PJPresenterChrome 66.0.3359.139Audio Qualitygetting a lot of echos, please help if possible. None2018-04-28 14:25:07
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comMUI1XJ846QA3L4TAdminChrome 66.0.3359.139Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe have callers dropping in and out of the call. Callers Ryan Barnhart is having issues. None2018-05-01 07:22:11
Hale E Dwoskinhaled@sedona.comJV09Y2M7OOABF9D0AdminChrome 66.0.3359.181Breakouts, Cues, TonesThe hold music is still not working right. I had to turn it off and on again to get it to work. Thanks, HaleNone2018-05-22 11:52:52
Christinacbarr@flatironcorp.com7CNZY0XW15CNUDDSPresenterChrome 66.0.3359.181Disconnection & Responsivenessall participants were kicked off call and visual interfaceNone2018-05-31 10:55:55
JaimeJaimemyers4pax@gmail.comY3ERP3X6AMDNY57QPresenterSafari 11.0.1Audio QualityNone2018-06-05 11:31:17
Clarissa Espinozaclarissa.espinoza@stagen.comMOSRMIREG50IYDYAdminChrome 67.0.3396.79Audio QualityCalling in and all mics breaking out and static and unclearNone2018-06-12 07:12:34
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.com38TV7Z8VCX2R784FPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.79Audio QualityThe audio started getting shaky or warbled and we had to have everyone disconnect and dial back in. This was at ~9:15 central during this callNone2018-06-12 07:13:10
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.com38TV7Z8VCX2R784FPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.79Audio QualityTHe issue came back at 9:20...had to mute everyone and change mic settings to get it to go away...None2018-06-12 07:17:06
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.com38TV7Z8VCX2R784FPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.79Breakouts, Cues, TonesCan not get presenter brigette iafratte into the green room None2018-06-12 07:40:52
Hale Dwoskinhaled@sedona.comK31WS142OWTLBXMRAdminChrome 67.0.3396.87Audio QualityEveryone on the call I am currently doing is sounding distorted. Can you please fix this ASAPNone2018-06-12 20:12:44
Dan Parisdanielp@byreferralonly.comUMZ6AM6Z8Q1UOMAAssistantChrome 66.0.3359.181Audio QualityWe are losing audio and being dropped from the callNone2018-06-13 08:29:44
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comV0EWZFRZWILXF6JSPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.87Audio QualityGarbled audio again during this call. This has been happening regularlyNone2018-06-14 08:28:28
Maryellen Myersmemyers@mac.comG9PV3PHQ7R2QPKYVPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.87Audio Qualitycannot hear anyone, they cannot hear me... static. IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTINUE?None2018-06-14 08:35:53
Clarissa Espinozaclarissa.espinoza@stagen.comX5L6LDCHA45313EVAssistantChrome 67.0.3396.87Microphone control / responsivenessBreaking out with heavy static on all callersNone2018-06-14 08:41:34
Clarissa Espinozaclarissa.espinoza@stagen.comX5L6LDCHA45313EVAssistantChrome 67.0.3396.87Display & Sort issuesUnable to transfer into the green roomNone2018-06-14 08:47:32
Colleenclowry@ohiodems.org8GKFTT6J08YSVVZ6AdminChrome 66.0.3359.181Audio QualityReally bad audio quality toward the end of the call. It just started all of a sudden.None2018-06-14 09:20:36
Debora J Seidmandeborasei@gmail.comGR89VDX9DG6RI8SJPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.87Audio Qualitypoor audio quality and unable to enter the callNone2018-06-14 10:03:44
Raphaelle Tamuratamuras@sbcglobal.netYYMAWFWSBKFX4K87AssistantFirefox 60.0Audio QualityFor the past few days and this morning we have had shaky, in-and-out spotty sound quality on the lines as presenters. It has only happened when we dial in to Maestro and not other times. Not good please fix. Our present event is good for a few minutes then not. None2018-06-16 10:04:48
Cat Rowlandcat@gangaji.orgJO1IP04ZIBWH3JWFAdminSafari 11.1.1Audio QualitySystem wide major distortion and sound dropping so far three times during our session. All in the call having the same experience. Seems to recover and be normal after a few moments.None2018-06-17 11:50:22
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comMUI1XJ846QA3L4TPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.87Audio QualityThe audio issues we were experiencing last week came back at the end of the call. The audio was intermittent and choppy and you could not understand the person talking. We had this occur multiple times on our account last week and I was told engineering was working on an issue with the servers. None2018-06-19 07:47:31
JaimeJaimemyers4pax@gmail.comVZKR0Q753BXTDBMMPresenterSafari 11.0.1Audio QualityNone2018-06-22 11:52:59
Lenilhoppenworth@indivisibleil.comWCS3J3UR5FL56SINAdminSafari 11.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2018-06-22 12:05:17
Michellemichelle@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgDREL9Q9V06UZC3JHPresenterSafari 11.0.3Audio QualityThe entire conference became choppy for about 5 minutes. This happens to our conference as well on 6/17/18. None2018-06-23 10:44:09
JoeJdenniso@aft.org6VWSJBT6HXGUVSAssistantFirefox 60.0Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelNone2018-06-27 14:55:41
Darrell Capwelldcapwell@aft.org6VWSJBT6HXGUVSAssistantChrome 67.0.3396.99Data: Renaming and Editing of variable fields, Downloading to ExcelThings were disappearing and not sticking when I typed it inNone2018-06-27 14:55:48
Michellemichelle@boulderpsychicinstitute.org7EF9BSPF972Q72GJAdminSafari 11.0.3Audio QualityThe audio is getting choppy suddenly for the whole conferenceNone2018-06-27 16:55:51
Nina Patricknina.patrick@gmail.comPPZ0KS9I19UKZNPAdminChrome 67.0.3396.87OtherOur call starts in 3 minutes and no one is listed on the dashboard yet we are here!!!!!!!!None2018-06-28 07:55:12
Ellenln.l@me.comR9Q6P3CLLFN3X7KPresenterFirefox 60.0Disconnection & Responsivenesssystem keeps kicking us out None2018-06-28 08:52:00
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comMUI1XJ846QA3L4TPresenterChrome 67.0.3396.99Disconnection & ResponsivenessMy entire call just got disconnected and everyone got kicked off. Can you please let me know what the issue is? None2018-07-17 07:17:52
Erika erika@Wellcoaches.com2XNFS1HUMVO649PSPresenterSafari 11.1OtherMusic keeps playing and whole call just dropped!None2018-07-17 08:15:07
Jackiehello@clairvoyanthawaii.com4M290S4JCOT2F0KSAdminSafari 11.1.2OtherNone2018-07-23 12:45:46
hello@clairvoyanthawaii.comjackie.robbins@gmail.com7VLI0NRJJAZRN97PresenterSafari 11.1.2Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhen I put in my passcode there is a long pause before it allows me to enter the call, other calls have been having this challenge, and sometimes the pause just ends in a hang up. This is the 1st time I have experienced it in this particular event before!None2018-07-23 16:24:56
Eliskaellohi.two@gmail.comNRXAMNUGSWQBZFQRPresenterFirefox 48.0I wish I had a feature ...All of us had trouble getting in, then about 10 minutes after the official start of the conference we all got in. None2018-07-23 18:55:58
markmark.mckenzie@enrichinghappiness.com5E8SLJNZU8PPW0VPresenterInternet Explorer 11.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessCaller 408-520-2444 - 640408 Drops their call everyday and the system will not let them call back in. Seems to be at 7:22 pstNone2018-07-27 06:32:40
Michael McHalemchalelawfirm@yahoo.comCPQPOXVUGOHIPCAdminChrome 67.0.3396.99PIN issuesNone2018-07-27 06:49:38
David Buckcoachdave@coachville.comEY9GWRPZY65SMJ1PresenterChrome 67.0.3396.99OtherWe were on a call when the bridge just spontaneously ended the call. the call started at 2PM ET / 11 AM PT at 4:11 PM ET, the call just ended. we were in Q&A so it is not a disaster... but it is not good. Thanks for your attention.None2018-07-31 13:17:15
Sheila Cashsheilagcash@gmail.comYL79AA6UGKQCDBF7AdminChrome 67.0.3396.99Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2018-08-01 17:48:24
Attn. Leslie Lupinsky, guestleslie@inspiredondemand.comIZTL67Y7W8ABFFDSPresenterFirefox 61.0Otherpeople are not able to call in and I got dropped and not able to get back in.None2018-08-02 12:10:50
Eric Johnstoneric@facultydiversity.org027W1UTWYZDNBMN1AdminChrome 68.0.3440.106Audio QualityA strange issue happened to an assistant on the line that resulted in their audio just cycling (they were in the midst of a sentence and it was just repeating 2-3 words over and over again). Muting them and/or moving them into a private breakout helped but they had to dial back in to correct the issue (nothing else helped).None2018-08-20 12:37:21
Jeff Test jeff@maestroconference.com50RJHVSRS04EMO0QPresenterChrome 68.0.3440.106Microphone control / responsivenessNone2018-08-29 10:43:20
Jay Swindlejay.swindle@stagen.comV0EWZFRZWILXF6JSPresenterChrome 68.0.3440.106Disconnection & Responsivenessat 10:31 central about 5 people including myself (the presenter) were disconnected from the call at the same time. This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. None2018-08-30 08:33:52
Jeff hutmacherjeff@test.com5QW23RL98BQD3L43PresenterChrome 68.0.3440.106Audio QualityNone2018-09-11 05:25:08
DEANN M SCHEPPELEdeann.scheppele@gmail.comflightPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesNone2018-09-21 07:54:21
Kai Stansberrykai.stansberry@nineenergyservice.comF6TNFDO5V2NYGWLZAdminChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesNone2018-09-27 13:15:09
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.comWKUKSUCTG29HJXTRPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesNone2018-10-01 12:04:16
Diego testtest@test.comWKUKSUCTG29HJXTRAdminFirefox 62.0Microphone control / responsivenessTestNone2018-10-01 12:04:57
tina annibelltina@nourishedliving.netLRX1P9NPS45XD7RPresenterFirefox 62.0Microphone control / responsivenessparticipans can not hear meNone2018-10-01 16:02:07
hafizhafiz.muhammad@nexdegree.com9S60V8LFV1D2KY3AdminChrome 69.0.3497.100OtherTesting the email feature.None2018-10-01 23:54:05
Diegotest@test.com0DZMEWKX8AA8IZDIAdminSafari 12.0Breakouts, Cues, TonestestNone2018-10-02 07:02:55
Diegotest@test.com0DZMEWKX8AA8IZDIPresenterSafari 12.0Microphone control / responsivenessasdasdNone2018-10-02 07:03:46
Diegotest@test.com0DZMEWKX8AA8IZDIAssistantSafari 12.0Audio QualityasdNone2018-10-02 07:05:40
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.com5QW23RL98BQD3L43PresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Microphone control / responsivenessNone2018-10-03 12:12:24
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.com5QW23RL98BQD3L43PresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Display & Sort issuesNone2018-10-03 12:16:31
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.comM75ZPETYLERGFWXPPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesNone2018-10-04 04:29:24
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.comM75ZPETYLERGFWXPPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Audio QualityNone2018-10-04 04:30:29
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.comM75ZPETYLERGFWXPPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100I wish I had a feature ...None2018-10-04 04:35:55
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.com5QW23RL98BQD3L43AssistantChrome 69.0.3497.100Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2018-10-04 04:56:52
Diego Testdiego.rodriguez@maestroconference.com0DZMEWKX8AA8IZDIAdminFirefox 62.0OtherTestingNone2018-10-09 12:06:10
Steve BarnesStvbarnes72@gmail.com2IKMP3FVUHB98SDOAssistantFirefox 62.0Display & Sort issuesI am on a Maestroconference. democracywatch. Calling with Skype. I can hear and be heard. I can operate the board and chat on it but I do not show up on the board otherwise. I refreshed my browser and got the same result. Not a big deal but curious.Screenshot2018-10-11 12:15:02
Debora J Seidmandeborasei@gmail.com6TYF38OH6B49SKOPresenterChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesPeople are pressing numbers on the call to raise their hand and it is not showing upNone2018-10-16 09:35:49
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.com42CG1ZWU3EHB8AdminChrome 69.0.3497.100OthertestNone2018-10-17 06:06:42
Debbiedebbie@robbinsmadanestraining.comNMAZTZ0PBNUBGU1RAssistantChrome 69.0.3497.100Audio QualityWe have had audio problems on both our conference calls today. It goes between sounding OK and then getting really choppy and cutting out.None2018-11-01 13:16:11
Deanna Stullcxo@coachville.comNRV9241KUQX9QNMCAssistantChrome 70.0.3538.110PIN issuesI was unable to call in with ANY PIN we had previously created. None2018-12-03 17:08:37
julie vargajulievarga1@gmail.comEBSQJOKV9CDZW3FJPresenterChrome 71.0.3578.80Microphone control / responsivenesslog in and log back out. serious long time delay between action on the conductor screen and change in audio, tones rung dont come in for minutes. still hearing old break out room when i move to new break out room or main room. very unfortunate situation. None2018-12-11 19:30:41
Deanna Stullcxo@coachville.com11SVFL9RWY5G5KW3AdminChrome 71.0.3578.98Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe are having technical difficulties with people being dropped from call. Incluuding Dave the instructor. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!!!!???????None2019-01-08 11:20:52
MARk.mckenzie@eby.commark.mckenzie@eby.comCZS4PMBCXTMKVTPresenterChrome 71.0.3578.98Disconnection & ResponsivenessI was not able to activate my call today. As I was logging in iI saw and email pop up that gave me the participants already. None2019-01-17 06:14:46
Richard Kepplerichard@sedonasouladventures.comD4RWVXISISBPN0N6PresenterChrome 71.0.3578.98Microphone control / responsivenessNo audio heard. Apparently i can be heardNone2019-02-10 15:41:38
Catcat@gangaji.orgJO1IP04ZIBWH3JWFAdminSafari 12.0.3PIN issuesno music and many cannot enter call multiple issues. conference pages loading very slow None2019-02-17 11:14:33
DiegoDiegoGarcia57@gmail.comS7RQ4PNVTSNV1F9QAdminMaxthon would not turn off after pressing the "MUSIC" button and watching the color of the MUSIC button change from green to red. Tried this several times. We just setup Custom Audio Cues for this call so maybe somehow the two functions are interfering with each other? Has this been tested? Is this a bug? Sadly, I tried chat, but it said that the chat person will be back on Monday, in 2 days. I would be essential to have chat support on weekends please.None2019-02-23 09:59:28
Raphaelle Tamuratamuras@sbcglobal.net97QWQ46JJSFQTGGDAssistantFirefox 65.0Microphone control / responsivenessOur past couple of TeleClasses have sounded pretty bad - skipping missed words, general bad sound. This is the experience our students are saying is happening when my husband is speaking. We turned up the mike but then it was too loud for some. He is using the (408) 520-2444 number. None2019-02-23 10:35:45
Juliejulievarga1@gmail.comWUMJJYAVWYZ4R50CPresenterChrome 72.0.3626.109Microphone control / responsivenessWith a group and no one can hear me. I am not mutedNone2019-02-25 09:58:31
Marlamarla.smith@ibsa.comZ6KJ16ZJMZMUM3EZAdminInternet Explorer 11.0Display & Sort issueswe do not see anyone on the call, not even the presenter None2019-03-06 11:50:21
Miwa Mackmiwa@boulderpsychicinstitute.org28B2VUWE7RA9MZAPresenterSafari 12.0.1OtherClicking Shift or Command / Control to select multiple people in the call at a time not working.None2019-03-12 16:16:40
Juliejulievarga1@gmal.comPONRK2GBDV2STAFCPresenterChrome 72.0.3626.121Microphone control / responsivenessI can not hear the break out groups and the chime. None2019-03-19 18:19:23
Megspiritlite1@aol.comLJPGCT24KNTMJNZPresenterSafari 12.0.3Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhen my students registered they did not get emails with phone or dial in please advise this is a bad way to start my class thank you so muchNone2019-03-30 09:36:29
Megspiritlite1@aol.comLJPGCT24KNTMJNZPresenterSafari 12.0.3OtherMy students used the link provided to sign up for the conference when they clicked onto the link it gave a button to call in and no sign in they did not get onto my control panel or into the conference It was a fiasco apparently the other three links I sent worked I do the weekends in segments but the first one was disastrous and disruptive we wasted a lot of time having to email call in instructions, tubes and codes to the students. I have used you all for years and this is my first time back after a year hiatus. Not a good way to begin. Then they were almost half of them showing up as my assistants after they signed in it was nuts. Please advise if you have any idea what happened or please fix if needed. Thank you so much, MegNone2019-03-30 12:15:06
Raphaelle Tamuratamuras@sbcglobal.net3DZY6PH6S11JWZU6AdminFirefox 66.0Audio QualityThe quality on our lines (both of them, different sources - cell phone and landline) - the lines "skipped" and phased in and out today. Not us, your lines. Not good for our event.None2019-04-13 11:18:48
Volkmar Richtervolkmar.richter@rub.deVSM1Q22PAMCRP3AssistantFirefox 67.0Display & Sort issuesIf I sort the list after names, the capital letters are coming first and then the small letters. It would be much better (especially if there are many participants!) if the letters are sorted regardless if they are capital or small!!!None2019-06-09 16:55:09
Jackiejackie.robbins@gmail.comLB1CSZ3SCNC5C7TWAdminPIN issuesNone2019-07-27 10:46:57
Sharonhello@aesclepion.comF9M1YSK1V5PAD7KXPresenterFirefox 68.0OtherThere is no green roomNone2019-08-08 15:24:50
Catherine H Geeslincgeeslin@everytown.orgTRM5TRGJWPR6XY4HPresenterChrome 76.0.3809.132Microphone control / responsivenessno one can hear me!!None2019-09-11 08:57:28
Samantha Godmansamantha.goodman@bickfordseniorliving.comB6CFEZNNOCLCGKXUAdminChrome 77.0.3865.120Otherconducting a presentation and call and the screen is still flashing during the presentation. None2019-10-28 09:34:03
Lenigeneral@indivisibleil.com9LX4XWJVI44N1R8AdminSafari 13.0.2Disconnection & Responsivenesslog in and conductNone2019-11-13 17:59:38
Deanna Stullcxo@coachville.comQZMOLB120W8KJ3JKPresenterFirefox 70.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessStudents are being droppedNone2019-11-19 17:13:45
MeganMegan.Aronson@foh.hhs.govTDIPWYYHRSYK6EMAAdminChrome 69.0.3497.100Breakouts, Cues, TonesBreakouts and hand raising have a minute lag...None2020-01-03 09:35:36
Greg Hottingergreghottinger@gmail.com5TV1AYK0Y71NPMECPresenterChrome 79.0.3945.117Display & Sort issuesNot displaying the presenter. Display looks differentlyNone2020-01-13 08:46:08
Courtney Hostetlerchostetler@freespeechforpeople.orgRK756R1PI9HRPY3SPresenterSafari 13.0.5Microphone control / responsivenessMy mute button has not worked for any of the 3 calls that I have been a presenter on. None2020-02-05 10:09:56
Juliejulie@christiesheldon.com0R76FRQ3XQHJ9KHXPresenterChrome 80.0.3987.122Otherunable to open screen share program for MAC.. super unstable and quits within a second of opening itNone2020-03-01 17:13:55
Kirsten L Farriskirsten@kirstenfarris.com0OM1LN12VZR9XRKAdminChrome 80.0.3987.132OtherNobody can connect to our callNone2020-03-12 10:54:52
Samuel Crystalsamcrystal@jewishdems.orgU5TVWY8IOMGXW5C6AssistantChrome 80.0.3987.149Microphone control / responsivenessAUDIO IT NOT WORKING. NEED IMEDIATE ASSITANCENone2020-03-26 11:48:44
Brad 66.0.3359.181Audio Qualityvery static for all callers - seems bad connection. Call starts at 3:30pm so please help urgentlyNone2020-03-26 12:04:45
Djenaneshdjemanesh@faircount.org60HK5Z3PH07XGS90PresenterChrome 79.0.3945.130Display & Sort issuesNone2020-03-28 08:05:06
Djemanesh Heywat Anetenehdjemanesh@faircount.org60HK5Z3PH07XGS90PresenterChrome 79.0.3945.130Disconnection & ResponsivenessNone2020-03-28 08:15:06
Kristin Belgkristin.belg@menchies.com2885AYV1TWDBSRZAdminInternet Explorer 11.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessTwice the callers all went silent, I could still see the lights on. Then the panel said, internet connection lost. After about 1 min, callers came back on None2020-03-31 12:42:08
CarolCarol@SufiWay.orgSFDHGB6FEQT1EF6WPresenterChrome 81.0.4044.138Audio QualityOn our Prayer call right now, all voices are breaking up. Please help! It starts in two minutes.None2020-05-16 08:38:26
Christinahello@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgI8ZAVKT8G2IKKREVAssistantChrome 81.0.4044.138Audio QualityEverything sounds choppy. All I did was call in, and the music was horribly choppy. On top of that, when I go to mute a participant, their microphone only stays on mute for a few seconds before unmuting itself.None2020-05-16 09:33:26
eliz carolelizabethcarol@aesclepion.comU9X2Q25DG8PD5JT8PresenterFirefox 60.0Disconnection & Responsivenessvery slow screen updates. no ability to control conferenceNone2020-05-16 09:51:34
Crystal Heinemanncrystal80872@yahoo.comQWJ2STM8VPHNNAYAdminSafari 13.1Microphone control / responsivenessStatic sound. Mics jumping. None2020-05-16 10:01:11
Crystal Heinemanncrystal80872@yahoo.comQWJ2STM8VPHNNAYAdminSafari 13.1Microphone control / responsivenessHad to cancel my conference as the mics kept bouncing from mute to unmute. Then my mic, was not lighting up green and even though I was unmuted, no audio was coming out. It was completely inoperable. I have another conference at 12pm PST and fingers crossed this issue is fixed. Please advise. None2020-05-16 10:13:52
Melaniemelanie@boulderpsychicinstitute.org33RZD33VHXSMDJZVAdminSafari 13.0.5Display & Sort issuesWhile typing in staff chat every 5th or so line disappears.None2020-05-30 09:40:13
Shayla Robertssroberts66@cox.netZXBPPAA3VI9LJSHAdminFirefox 76.0Audio QualityWe have no sound on our call.None2020-06-05 13:44:53
Aaron Blackelchanonblack@gmail.comWLZOVV42CJS2LDVXAdminSafari 13.1.2Disconnection & Responsivenessneed to ad more lines asapNone2020-08-16 15:42:05
DeAnndeann.scheppele@gmail.comW9JF46404FYKY8LQPresenterChrome 84.0.4147.105OtherNone2020-08-23 04:58:30
Steve Barnesstvbarnes72@gmail.com2IKMP3FVUHB98SDOAssistantFirefox 79.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessOn our regular call Democracy Watch News. I lost audio both on my computer Skype connection and on my mobile phone connection. Your alert says I have a connectivity problem. The board is still up and I think it is working for others. My internet is working. I have been TAing these calls for several years and this has never happened. I will use my phone to call another person to see if CenturyLink is having problems. No problem with that. I have learned that everyone on the call lost connectivity. Maybe your system became over-loaded? ThanksNone2020-09-03 13:07:01
Shayla Robertssroberts66@cox.netNUT7SAOJ0W2VOHWLAdminFirefox 81.0OtherTwo things: 1. We are using the new interface and having an issue with the before-call music control. We have always stopped the music for a 1-minute announcement before the call, and then we could always restart the music. Now we can no longer reliably restart the music after the announcement. 2. Our callers are being confused by the fact that the reminder emails that come to them from Maestro show only Pacific time, but the notation of it being Pacific time is on the next line of text, so users are not seeing it. In the past, the reminders would have shown the correct time zone for each caller. Is there any way to customize the time zone for the reminder emails.None2020-11-19 08:46:26
Christiecoaching@christiesheldon.comLYQ49VVQ73K0NK3JAdminChrome 86.0.4240.198OtherSome could use char feature others cannot. Same issue againNone2020-11-22 04:33:28
Dave Gannondave@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgAYFYYFZM70E09309PresenterFirefox 84.0Disconnection & ResponsivenessAt around 12:35pm MST, the entire call crashed and kicked everyone off the call, we all had to re-call back in.None2021-01-09 11:14:23
Sharonhello@aesclepion.comS01Z4SE38CSCTMTPPresenterFirefox 84.0Display & Sort issuesLong delays seeing when people are moved into rooms, or changes made to microphone, or when people call in.None2021-01-11 19:30:36
Shaylasroberts66@cox.net1O60RA662J7ONIZVPresenterChrome 87.0.4280.141Disconnection & ResponsivenessWhen I log onto my call, and once the dashboard appears, there is a delay in having my name show up. There are so seem to be timing issues for co-presenters, some of whom report not being able to see callers names at all, or being delayed in doing so. None2021-01-12 08:12:33
Shaylasroberts66@cox.net1O60RA662J7ONIZVAdminChrome 87.0.4280.141Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe have a experienced a number of disconnects .. sometimes all callers have been bumped off the call and had to call back in. None2021-01-12 08:14:12
Lisahello@clairvoyanthawaii.comSJ73406QEW540GW3PresenterSafari 14.0.1Microphone control / responsivenessI cant get the select all to work. SO if I want to mute or unmute the group, etc...I can not. I have refreshed several times but this bug appears to be in the new interface. It happened to me in a class yesterday too.None2021-01-14 20:53:20
Raphaelle Tamuratamuras@sbcglobal.netGNVYTKIN6XYK3JDAdminFirefox 84.0OtherBoth the speaker and assistant and half of the class was kicked off the call, JUST LIKE LAST WEEK. I was told this was fixed and we have three other TeleClasses today. Please stabilize your program, this is NOT acceptable. I was assured that you had fixed this problem. It makes our course unprofessional. Please contact me asap.None2021-01-16 10:27:15
Kingstonhello@clairvoyanthawaii.comNHT1JCBXAA9L85QAssistantChrome 87.0.4280.141Disconnection & ResponsivenessHi, our conference disconnected in the middle of the event, and everyone got kicked off the line. None2021-01-16 10:30:05
Cody Ednercodyedner@gmail.comLLRUWJ0M4ZUABVSBPresenterChrome 88.0.4324.96Otherpeople are getting knocked off my call.None2021-01-26 17:40:32
Sharonhello@aesclepion.com6EJOBX6ZDZLZC3IAssistantFirefox 84.0Display & Sort issuesnot showing movement of people into rooms, not showing everyone who called in, long delay (1+ minutes) when movement does showNone2021-01-27 18:07:06
Carriec2conner@gmail.comXWI1PNR336RMMN1JPresenterSafari 13.1.2Microphone control / responsiveness None2021-02-03 18:55:50
Greg greg@culturalarchitecture.com7J0AR4IOQDWJKYV9AdminSafari 14.0.3Breakouts, Cues, TonesIn Safari with the HTML interface when you go to select from the pull down menu it does not highlight the group you select i.e. presenters, everyone, etc. When I use Firefox for MAC then it works. So, it is clearly a problem with the Safari browserNone2021-02-17 17:54:24
Stephan Szugatstephan@szugat.net5CG7OI8VQ63JLGR3PresenterFirefox 85.0OtherDashboard blank or not respondingScreenshot2021-02-25 23:38:00
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.comBE9JA0D5R4K7514PresenterChrome 90.0.4430.93Otherci in sw testNone2021-04-29 07:24:00
jeff@maestroconference.comjeff@maestroconference.comKDLD79HARWRR3N2NAdminChrome 90.0.4430.212Breakouts, Cues, Tonesthis is a test None2021-05-25 08:14:15
Shayla Robertssroberts66@cox.netV9CSF3TILXGM06OAdminChrome 90.0.4430.85Display & Sort issuesLogin to the Maestro website, click through to the dashboard, call in by phone, see the dashboard, but not name showing up on the dashboard.None2021-05-27 13:11:58
Lindsey Kluinlindsey.j.bishop@gmail.comQZL8X6HQKCQXXPCPresenterChrome 91.0.4472.101OtherHello! Not a bug but I realize once my students log in I dont know how to turn off the music. Can you let me know within the next five minutes? None2021-06-16 16:45:54
testtest@maestroconference.omGVJEN7OTPU7CL82PresenterChrome 91.0.4472.124Microphone control / responsivenesstestingScreenshot2021-07-12 04:44:07
Jeffjeff@maestroconference.com1MUOR4Y7ZQUH4AN5PresenterFirefox 89.0Breakouts, Cues, TonesThis is a test. None2021-07-12 08:19:59
Djali Veseladjali.vesela@gmail.com7F0OTASEIGFRBO5AssistantChrome 91.0.4472.114PIN issuesMeghan Sheridan has not go the right pin. Can you send me or her a new one? meg.sheridan2@gmail.comNone2021-07-17 12:19:13
Stefi Magicislestefi@gmail.com4C6SL1O4S9PNR79AssistantSafari 14.1.1Disconnection & ResponsivenessWe had a person call in and fell off the phone multiple times over 10. Had problems with the Audio and hearing her. Apparently this has been happening a lot in this Sunday space. Very disorienting trying to have a conversation. None2021-08-08 13:13:22
Raphaelle Tamuratamuras@sbcglobal.netPLAIDZRX8RBAIDFYAdminFirefox 91.0OtherFor some reason suddenly people are able to get on our dashboard where as I have had that turned off. How do I undo that?None2021-08-14 12:02:45
Sharonwebmaster@aesclepion.comR805VXGSS00MGBFFAssistantFirefox 91.0Audio Qualityseveral people had problems being heard, or hearing others. They had to call back in to "fix" it. My screen froze a couple of times.None2021-08-25 19:09:42
Lindsey Kluinlindsey.j.kluin@gmail.com59382Z1FSLPMJT0JPresenterChrome 92.0.4515.159Display & Sort issuesMy name is no longer showing up in the conductor interface as an attendeeNone2021-09-07 08:54:10
Lindsey Kluinlindsey.j.kluin@gmail.com59382Z1FSLPMJT0JPresenterChrome 92.0.4515.159Breakouts, Cues, TonesThe remove button is not removing the caller :/None2021-09-14 09:01:25
Samarahello@clairvoyanthawaii.comWAZSFCD8EZ4CMVZRAssistantChrome 95.0.4638.54OtherSeveral participants who are trying to call in with the webphone are unable to join the call today. None2021-10-23 16:05:44
Daviddhs@multiply-your-impact.com70441SSUNJ286Y8NPresenterChrome 95.0.4638.69Display & Sort issuesEach group is showing as having 1 more member than they really do.Screenshot2021-11-09 17:36:17
David SherrodDHS@Multiply-Your-Impact.com70441SSUNJ286Y8NPresenterChrome 95.0.4638.69Breakouts, Cues, TonesHighlighting myself, I see the breakouts in the screenshot. Only Breakouts 1 and 2 were dissolved; only the breakouts that have names were truly active. I selected breakout 1 and it put me in it, alone.Screenshot2021-11-09 18:29:51
samarahello@clairvoyanthawaii.com8L7IQWLTOTDRY03WAdminChrome 97.0.4692.71Disconnection & ResponsivenessHi! No one was able to get onto the call today via phone. The webphone is working. Please check on this. Thanks!None2022-01-11 13:40:56
Danielledaniellegura@gmail.comJ2GL29E0J3KRVMM1AssistantChrome 98.0.4758.82Microphone control / responsivenessNot sure how to reproduce it, but people in breakout rooms on "breakout only" were heard in other rooms as if they were on public mic. All callers had mics behaving as if they were "public" when clearly they were on "breakout only". When the callers were put on "mute" it DID mute, but when they were on "breakout" it went back and forth from behaving as if it was on "public". This is the second time in a week this has happened in a group call. None2022-02-09 17:06:51
Danielledaniellegura@gmail.comDCMGF1Q1W2FR4ZJ0AssistantChrome 98.0.4758.82OtherUnable to respond to participants through the chat feature at the bottom of the page.None2022-02-12 08:17:39
juliecoaching@christiesheldon.comE0OSNCMQL3EC23L5PresenterChrome 99.0.4844.51Otherparticipants are not able to see each other, raise hands or post messages. They can hear me and each other. I can see the participants on the conductor interface and the regular interfaceNone2022-03-12 10:24:45
Cody Ednercodyedner@gmail.comF70E017ECRDIDRPresenterChrome & ResponsivenessPeople keep getting knocked off the callNone2022-07-24 11:19:16
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comUDUHGVF1X5YLMMIPresenterChrome, Cues, TonesUID: UDUHGVF1X5YLMM Tones too low to hear: 15 more seconds and Low toneNone2022-07-30 09:48:40
Miwa Linehanhello@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgSQTNDXQJ6CRNY73EPresenterChrome & ResponsivenessWe keep having folks getting dropped from the lineNone2022-07-30 10:37:56
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comS7HI4VNBBZP1WK7FPresenterChrome, Cues, Tones15 More seconds and low tones volume too lowNone2022-07-30 15:26:40
Miwa Linehanhello@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgBCKLSXMHJCZSDD8KPresenterChrome & ResponsivenessOur callers keep getting dropped from the line. They are also having microphone issues. None2022-08-06 10:25:21
Miwa Linehanhello@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgBCKLSXMHJCZSDD8KPresenterChrome & ResponsivenessSeveral of our callers keep getting dropped from the callNone2022-08-06 11:17:25
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comS7HI4VNBBZP1WK7FPresenterChrome, Cues, TonesAudio cues volume is too low to beheard by registratntsNone2022-08-06 15:23:21
Miwa Linehanmiwa@boulderpsychicinstitute.org0S0DAG1YH47Y4STAPresenterChrome QualityThe audio ques are super quiet. is there any way to turn up the volume? None2022-08-09 12:05:06
Samararev.samara@clairvoyanthawaii.comDQ1ZTRTS0TL4PGLAdminChrome & ResponsivenessHi there. Our students and teachers keep getting kicked off this call. Can you please help? Thank you!None2022-08-11 08:33:31
kirsten@kirstenfarris.comkirsten@kirstenfarris.com0OM1LN12VZR9XRKAdminChrome & Responsivenesskeeps dropping presenter off lineNone2022-08-11 10:59:20
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comZRTTI4SUROGKXSCPresenterChrome, Cues, TonesDefault audio cues to low to hearNone2022-09-03 13:00:11
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comS7HI4VNBBZP1WK7FPresenterChrome, Cues, TonesDefault cues are too low to hearNone2022-09-03 15:54:29
Miwa Linehanhello@boulderpsychicinstitute.orgCLO1U2BXVHHV5I9XAdminChrome & ResponsivenessOne of our participants got booted off the call and wasnt able to use their same number to call back in. They tried to register with the same email address to get a new number and maestro needed a new email address for them to register under. None2022-09-06 19:00:12
Lauren Cieloinfo@goldenrosepsychic.comUDUHGVF1X5YLMMIPresenterChrome, Cues, TonesDefault audio cues too low to hearNone2022-09-10 10:35:42
Samararev.samara@clairvoyanthawaii.com4C6SL1O4S9PNR79AdminChrome & Sort issuesThe participants are on the call, but they are not visible on the Maestro screen.None2022-10-17 08:59:45
Cody Ednercodyedner@gmail.com70FIBDGWOMBQD6CVPresenterChrome & Responsivenesspeople keep getting knocked off the callNone2023-02-13 19:38:40